According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, autoimmune diseases plague about 50 million Americans or about 20% of the US population. This is a serious epidemic of many proportions with numerous diseases. Most American Physicians prescribe steroids or other prescription medications which can have numerous side effects. There are countless plants and vegetables that can decrease inflammation in the body naturally. The following information and studies go through details of healing autoimmune diseases.

According to the World Health Organization, 63% of the deaths in 2008 were attributed to non-communicable chronic diseases; certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, obesity and Type 2 diabetes in which poor diet was contributing factor. Yet, people that live in societies that eat healthy, plant-based diets rarely have these ailments.  Research studies have long indicated that a high consumption of plant foods is associated with lower incidents of chronic inflammatory diseases. William W. Li, M.D., President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation in Cambridge, Mass., stated that all individuals should look at their diets as if food is the medicine necessary to maintain healthy, disease-free lives. “Prevention is always better than a cure,” stated Li.

There are many anti-inflammatory items to help those with autoimmune diseases ease symptoms.  Some foods that may help prevent cancer and other chronic auto-immune diseases include:

  • artichokes
  • avocados
  • black pepper
  • cinnamon
  • garlic
  • lentils
  • olives
  • pumpkin
  • rosemary
  • thyme
  • watercress
  • hemps seeds
  • chia seeds

Hemp and chia seeds are very nutritious and have numerous benefits. They contain a high amount of protein, 35% of Omega 3 and 6’s (including alpha-linolenic acid) and 2 tablespoons provide nearby 25% of recommended daily dietary fiber. They contain plenty of vitamins and minerals from calcium, boron to help calcium absorption, potassium and iron.

These seeds can help fight against numerous diseases and keep the immune system stronger with aiding fat soluble vitamin absorption. At the University of Southern Queensland, there was a study done which has found regular consumption of chia seeds, which contain ALA, induces lipid redistribution associated with cardio-protection and  liver protection.  Another great benefit includes relief from diabetes or arthritis, as it absorbs sugar improving insulin sensitivity.  With Chia seed’s high fiber content, they help cleanse the colon and can help the body expel toxins, thus decreasing the body’s inflammation especially in proximity to the liver.

A study done in Mexico showed that diets rich in avocados appear to manager hyper-cholesterolemia. This study was well designed with high avocado consumption which showed significant lowered total cholesterol, LDL-C levels and increased HDL-C with a small decrease in triglycerides compared to those with a low-saturated fat diet.

Food can either bring health and life or sickness and death. Autoimmune disease is a hyperimmune response to stresses placed upon the body and mind. Change the stress physically and mentally and you will change the outcome.