Marital bliss can help wounds heal faster and reduce the health effects of job stress, according to research presented at the American Psychosomatic Society meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

A study of 42 couples found that people in happy marriages take less time than those in unhappy marriages to heal from all kinds of wounds, ranging from minor scrapes and athletic injuries to major surgery.

A second study of 201 married adults concluded that a happy home life can also reduce the negative health effects caused by job stress.

“You may not be able to get away from the job stress, but a good marriage soothes people, minimizing bad effects from the job,” said researcher Brian Baker, a University of Toronto psychiatrist.

– USA Today

Dr. Keith & Laurie comments on Happy Marriage and Increased Healing:

This study confirms the concept that God created the two to be one and when there is a strong covenant marriage relationship, the body will not only heal quicker but it will be more stress resistant and disease resistant.

As further studies have shown, married people are less likely than single, divorcees or widowed adults to be in poor health and are less likely to suffer from headaches or serious psychological distress.

One of the reasons happily married people are in better health and more stress resistant is because of covenant.

Strong covenant partners means that where one partner is weak, the other is strong. So they are always building each other up in the journey of life. If you always have someone who loves you, to encourage you and lifts you up when you are down; then vice versa, you are doing the same for them. The universal law of giving and receiving is operating which produces life.

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