Hair skin and nails are non-essential tissue. I understand to some of you they’re very essential but in the big scheme of health and healing when the body is going through healing changes it does not divert energy towards non-essential tissues. If your body only has so much healing energy is going to direct it towards vital organs and glands that keep you alive not your hair, skin and nails. With that said most everyone that I have treated over the years their skin ended up tremendously better. Their nails grew stronger and were harder. And their hair came back fuller. So if your skin looks worse or your nails appear brittle or cracking or you’re hair seems to be falling out don’t worry that’ll all change once your body is healed. Then energy can be diverted back to the nonessential tissues and they become better than they were because now you have more nutrients going to each cell you have less toxins and chemicals around the cells and you have less inflammation around the cells. All this promotes healthy cells. All your cells become healthy in both the essential tissues and in the non-essential tissues.