In this modern world of instant messaging and rapid communication, actually getting a message across to another person is harder than ever. In more primitive times, a face-to-face contact was the prime way of communicating with another person. In that interaction, each person could see the other’s facial expressions, body language, as well as hear all the verbal intonations of the other person. Communication was more difficult to initiate with as many people as we now can quickly reach, but that communication was more thorough and effective because many paths of communication were in play simultaneously. Now, an instant message with perhaps some emojis thrown in conveys single-path, often ineffective communication.

Miscommunication happens with great frequency, and although you think you are giving a clear message, your phrasing of that message is based upon your perception of the meaning of words and phrases, while the message receiver may see those words having a slightly different meaning. Was the message giver, the message phrasing itself, or the message receiver at fault for the miscommunication? It can be any or all of these; the result is the receiver did not get the message as the sender intended.

People are different and see things differently. When it comes to your health, communication throughout your body is of vital importance. You may not think about it that way, yet your body’s internal messaging is the anchor point for your health. The messages your cells get, and how they perceive those messages, determines what they do next. Just like people, your cells are individuals which may not get messages the way you expect.

What do you think?
To examine messages being sent to your cells, you look to the source. Ultimately, that source is the mind. You might be tempted to say the source is the brain, which physically speaking is true, but the brain is the servant of the mind. The brain sends the actual signals, but the thoughts of your mind drive the brain.

Your brain is like a robot, or more precisely an executive robot with levels of lesser robots responding as commands work their way down the hierarchy. When your mind decides to take a drink from a glass, your brain knows how to control all the individual muscles to move your hand to the glass, grasp the glass with the correct movement and pressure of each finger, raise the glass to your mouth, and then control the rings of muscles in sequence to control your swallowing. When brain injuries occur, that brain knowledge is sometimes lost, and can be life-threatening if the loss is in a major subconscious function such as breathing or swallowing. These are things you don’t have to think about. If you did, you wouldn’t have capacity to think about anything else.

Your mind depends upon your brain responding to its thoughts. If you decide to take that drink, you expect your brain to do what is necessary for your body to respond. Your brain handles all the physical requirements to make your thoughts happen. But you cannot see the mind, nor can you find a thought anywhere in this physical world. Yet thoughts obviously exist and can cause action in the physical realm. This is similar to the problem of quantum mechanics, where matter has conflicting characteristics which should be impossible to coexist in our three dimensional world. Interestingly though, those characteristics blend perfectly with standard physics in a higher dimensional universe. The same may hold true for thoughts: the mind could be operating beyond the three dimensions we see. Yet the brain acts out in three dimensions, so there is some sort of mind-brain interface which may even span higher dimensions that we are not aware of.

This is why the mind is the ultimate source of our health. As thoughts translate through the brain to our bodies, we are either sending good messages or bad to the body, and it will automatically react. The cells of our bodies, while they are separate entities, still react according to the rules of our three dimensions plus time, which could be called a fourth dimension. If the majority of messages going through our bodies are negative, our health suffers, because the cells of our bodies react to those messages according to their internal programming. They can even adjust their programming, within the limits of their vast genetic code libraries, to accommodate messages that they receive over time. Enough negative messages for enough time will lead to a cascade set of readjustments, which can then become a disease like cancer.

To be fair, not all signaling comes from the brain. Your body has lots of intracellular signaling going on. Things that you do physically — eat certain foods, drink water, exercise, rest — these translate into intracellular signals which also affect your health. And they also affect your brain’s health, which in turn affects how it signals your body. It all ties together, but the big driver is your brain, under direction of your mind.

Artificial message blocking (known as standard cancer treatment)
We haven’t remained stagnant in conventional cancer treatment. The repertoire of treatment options have extended beyond radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy that will, for a time, kill non-stem cancer cells, but at the same time stimulate cancer stem cell aggression and a higher toxic load in the body which weakens all cells, including immune cells. The theory of this approach is to try to kill the cancer before weakening patients so much that they cannot heal. This course of treatment is usually only temporarily effective because the cancer stem cells make second generation chemotherapy and radiation resistant non-stem cancer cells, which compose the bulk of most tumors. There is a whole new class of pharmaceuticals called immunotherapy, which is not as toxic as chemotherapy, but still very strong medication with numerous detrimental side effects that work on signal pathway blocking. The medications attempt to change the body’s cellular reactions to destroy or disrupt cancer cells. The pathway blocking approach is designed to disrupt critical metabolic functions that cancer cells depend upon — trouble is, those pathways are needed for normal cells as well.

It is a step forward to realize the value of the immune system and the importance of pathways in health. But drugs are needed to carry out those therapies. While they may not have a direct toxic reaction, they will nonetheless disrupt the body’s normal metabolic function, in essence making them harmful to the body. They still don’t get to the source of the problem, which is the signaling inside the body coming from the brain and from other cells.

Yet much of the research done still centers around how to make drugs more sophisticated in their toxicity. They still hold out hope that they can disrupt cancer without disrupting the body, and without going to the source. A study of studies published in the American Journal of Cancer Research, in which they compiled information from major medical databases, concluded that this research shows the need for targeting cancer stem cells, and that the key is signaling pathways. Cancer is so resilient because of cancer stem cells, and that signaling is key. They suggest, however, that simply making the medical treatments more precise is what is needed to perfect them. Until they are able to find every cancer stem cell in the entire body and disrupt only their pathways, without affecting other cells, they cannot succeed. This is actually impossible because the mind is the source and it’s constantly putting out subconscious and conscious thoughts, which are the messages or signals that turn on and off cellular function. You cannot stop the messages coming from the mind with medication that goes into the body once in a while which also negatively affects normal cell signaling. This is like trying to block a flowing river. If you dam it up, it’ll just flood into other areas, causing damage — and if you could shut it off, which you cannot, then you would cause a drought across all the surrounding land, making it uninhabitable. So it is very much impossible to selectively signal cancer stem cells without addressing the mind-brain-body connection.

Don’t raise the bridge; lower the river
You lower a river at its source. You impact signaling best by going to its source, rather than trying to block it. Blocking a river just floods the surrounding territory as the water finds a new path. Blocking pathways affects normal cells, while cancer, which is revved up anyway as it is looking for new ways to handle its troubled environment, will quickly find ways around the block.

How do you lower a river? You redirect it into preferable paths. Perhaps you use it to water farm fields, or you plant forests to absorb the water. You may simply choose a new course for the river, or part of the river. In short, you find better uses for the water. You recognize that the water will come, and it has to go somewhere. Similarly, cell signals will occur. You want the signals to be productive. You want good signals, and you don’t want to block them.

Another study of studies, published by Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, found 165 studies that indicated that “stress-related psychosocial factors are associated with higher cancer incidence in initially healthy populations.” It also found 330 studies that showed such factors indicated a poorer survival rate for patients with diagnosed cancer. Statistically there is an obvious link between stress and cancer initiation and progression.

Change the signals
The brain is a highly nonlinear system. That means that it reacts to some thoughts more than others, rather than giving the same emphasis to all. It has the ability to change, and will restructure in response to continued, recurring thoughts. It constantly uses feedback to adjust, getting information from itself, the body, and the environment to reprogram. It is an amazingly complex and malleable tool for your mind to make its wishes happen in the body.

The brain records continuously, even before birth. It records most intensely and rapidly in the early years of life, forming the strongest impressions and memories during that time. You are unaware of much of this, because most of your brain operates at the subconscious level, below the executive cognitive level — its subordinates, the subprograms, are doing the subconscious work. But all of what your brain has recorded and is recording translates into signals throughout your body. Lowering the river for you means turning thoughts in good directions, making them productive, and the downstream brain functions follow. Combined with good signaling from the physical environment you provide with diet and lifestyle, you affect signaling at the source. Much better than trying to temporarily raising many bridges with drugs, this is ultimately your only path to good health.


Dr. Nemec’s Review

The American journal of cancer stated the most important point: Cancer is so resilient because of cancer stem cells, and that signaling is key. Signaling is everything. The communication from the mind that is received by the brain generates signals to the cells. What they are saying?

You cannot stop cancer until you change the messages — the signals from the mind to the brain to the body; you cannot stop cancer without addressing these first and foremost as the primary cause of an inflammatory and toxic environment. They are mentally and emotionally held in the subconscious and conscious mind as programs.

What runs 95% of your physiology 24/7/365? Is it your diet? Is it your hydration? Is it your level of fitness? How about the amount of sleep you get? No, all of these are important, very important, but very low priority compared to the 95% dominant force that runs every cell in your body and is constantly communicating through cellular signaling. What is this force?

Let’s take an example. When you’re a baby you learn to crawl, and as you crawl you learn to stand up — very shakily, but you can stand. The next step is taking your first step. Once this is accomplished, then you learn how to walk. Once walking, then you learn how to run. How do you remember how to walk? Do you think, “right step, left step, right step, left step, balance, steady balance?” No, once you can walk it becomes second nature how to walk without thinking about it, each time consciously trying to remember all the steps you took to learn how to walk.

The answer is your subconscious mind: once you consciously learned how to walk, it was stored in the subconscious mind as a subprogram which was written on the brain hard drive. So now you can walk without even thinking about it. You could be on the phone talking to friends and walk a mile, and not even realize you were walking. This is the beauty of the subconscious mind programming that is written on the hard drive of the brain for each one of us, and every activity that we learn, from walking, to running, to driving a car, to most everything we do in life — all these memories store in the subconscious mind and are written on the brain, just like writing a program on the hard drive of your computer. It’ll be stored there forever unless you reprogram it.

What runs 95% of the cell signaling and your cellular physiology and function, including the environment that is created around the cells and in the cells? The answer is the subconscious mind programs that are written onto the brain, and the brain communicates the signals to each of the over 50 trillion cells in your body.

Communication is of utmost importance in maintaining cellular health and longevity. And this communication is first and foremost subconsciously driven. Everyone needs to comprehend this. If we have any disease, any health challenge, any symptom or condition, we tend to first look look at physical factors that could cause the symptom, condition, and disease; and although they are very important, they add up to 10% at most.

So what do you think turns a normal stem cell into a cancer stem cell? Is it primarily chemicals, toxins, deficiencies, low oxygen, low pH, inflammation? All these greatly contribute to the environment that stimulates cancer stem cell formation, but what do you think makes the signals, the messages, that change the environment from healthy to inflammatory, from normal to toxic? What decreases absorption of nutrients, what decreases absorption of oxygen, what makes the body acidic and inflammatory? MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL STRESS.

Next question: which type of mental and emotional stress causes the most damage — conscious stress of the day, from on the job or just life in general, or subconscious stress programs written on the hard drive of the brain from ages 0 to 6? If your subconscious mind drives 95% of your physiology, cell signaling, and communication, then it must be the most important factor in your health and your life to becoming symptom, condition, and disease free — along with living a longevity lifestyle.

Now, can you see the big picture? How is it possible that conventional treatment using physical medications with severe toxic side effects and future medications that try to block cellular signaling — how can you possibly prevail over a subconscious stress program that is signaling cells continually day and night? You cannot counter this force. The only way you could change the signaling to the cells permanently is to release the subconscious stress program and re-write a new one on the subconscious mind.

But then you ask, how do you know if you have these stress programs?

If you have symptoms, conditions, or diseases in your body, you do have them. This is a given because the subconscious mind developed disease or inflammatory and toxic programs at age 0-6. You are not aware of them. You will never be aware of them because you do not remember them. They are subconsciously stored, meaning below conscious awareness, so then what do you do?

This is where our research brought us in the last 40 years: to the simple conclusion that if we do not address the subconscious stress programs, we do not get well. We only temporary improve for a season. This is why we developed (over these 40 years of research with over 10,000 patients) a protocol that would not only find the subconscious stress programs, but we developed a treatment to release them and reprogram the subconscious mind. This is our Revolution New Medicine Protocol® and this is why people come to us from around the country and around the world, because no one else addresses this as the primary cause of disease and decreased longevity. We have developed a 3-D brain imaging and brain mapping protocol to find both subconscious and conscious stress programs and then a unique treatment to release them and re-program. In addition to this, we also address all the physical factors, including nutritional, genetic and immune tested customized diet, customized genetic nutrition, anti-inflammatory treatments and therapies, detoxification protocols and therapies, customized exercise programs, body hydration measurements and protocols, along with maximizing oxygen absorption at the cellular level and syncing body biorhythms with sleep patterns. All this along with educating programs to teach each patient why they should do what they do.

This is how are you change the environment permanently; this is the only way to regain health and maintain it for longevity — anything but this approach is short-lived and temporary, because at the very most is only addressing 10% of the cause of the problem.

Here are the ways we can help you in your health journey:

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