People tend to feel more strongly about an experience — whether positive or negative — when they know it is ending, suggesting that deadlines intensify our emotions, according to new study findings.

“The general result was that the emotions got more intense, for the positive as well as the negative,” if people knew they had a deadline, according to study author Dr. Ursina Teuscher of the University of California, San Diego.

Teuscher noted that people tend to place a lot of importance on endings, which may cause them to invest more in experiences they know are ending. As a result, the outcome of those experiences becomes particularly important, which makes the sad or happy feelings they have from the ending extra intense, she noted.

These findings “definitely” suggest that people’s emotions may become heightened as they age, Teuscher noted. Furthermore, the results may explain why some people notice changes in older relatives, she added. Knowing that deadlines can intensify emotions “might help these interactions,” Teuscher said.
-Reuters Health

Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec Comments on Future Thoughts:
Why do people get more emotional when they feel something is coming to an end?

Why do deadlines intensify emotions?

The reason is simple. People live 95% of their life in the future or the past and 5% in the present moment and much less than 1% are fully aware in the moment.

All this translates into thinking which produces emotions which causes imbalance in the body.

What stresses people? Living in the future or the past. If you think life will be better when I get a better job, meet the right person, make a lot of money, become more powerful, this is an illusion of the mind.

Life is NOW

Living is NOW

Total Health is NOW

When you start living like today is the last day of your physical life, you will start to touch on what this means. There is no stress in the moment because the moment is where God is.

God’s name is I AM—present tense, not I was-past, or I will be-future, but I AM = NOW= THIS present moment.

So this is as good as it gets and this is good when you see the good, when you see God in everything.

When you start living every moment fully, you no longer live for the future or the past, you no longer try to change the moment but instead you change yourself in the moment, you change how you see the moment. This brings peace because you are living in the I AM, instead of living from the I WAS or I WILL BE.