Do your own reactions ever surprise you? Do you get angry at some offhand silly comment, obsess over finding some little item you lost that you really don’t even want, or get in a down mood when everything around you is going great? Do you ever wonder at your thoughts or reactions, like they are alien to you? Do you wish to think differently, yet seem to be stuck in thought patterns that you don’t even want? If so, you are not alone.

Your brain is like a skyscraper building, of which the top levels are still under construction even while the building is occupied. Most of that building is already built, and while changes are possible on lower levels, they have to be done in such a way that keeps the building operational. Your brain is programmed layer upon layer, with the foundational layers well set by adulthood. Most of our brain processes at the subconscious level — the lower layers.

When we want to change our thoughts, we usually work on the top layers that are still under construction. This is normal, since the desire to change thoughts or reactions is itself a conscious thought, and we try then to work at the conscious level. We make resolutions to not think or act a certain way, only to fall back into the same pattern rather quickly.

Having most of your brain settled into patterns is good, because you can’t have a stable building where all the floors are under construction — the lower floors are sustaining the upper ones, and if you destabilize them you risk the entire building. Yet, if there is a problem on a lower level, working on the upper levels only won’t fix the problem.

What’s been already designed into nature is so remarkable that, despite all of our ingenuity, we often just go back and mimic the natural design. But in doing so we gain a better understanding of Creation. Computers give us that insight. We build computers with “firmware”, which is firm because it isn’t normally changed. That firmware tells the computer how to read the hard disk for the boot-up process, where the computer reads the operating system, building a major lower layer of its “brain”. Then, having learned its lower level functions, it then proceeds to ingest the higher level programs such as the applications that you want to run. Finally, it is ready to accept your commands and start working as a functional computer.

When you want to change an application, which is at a high level, that’s fairly easy. But sometimes there is a problem with the operating system, which is a layer that isn’t supposed to change often. So there is a process for changing it, quite different from the process to change an application. The computer can’t simply change the operating system core without crashing the system. A special update process is required. Changing subconscious thoughts require special processes as well that operate at the lower levels where they originate. Let’s look at why those levels may need change, how we can detect the need, and what special process is needed to effect the change.

Your body knows what your mind does not
You simply are not aware of most of what is going on in your brain. Your eyes are constantly seeing a lot more than you realize, and only pay attention to some of what they tell your brain. You hear everything going on in a crowded room, yet only notice some. Your brain is very busy sensing and controlling a lot that you are not aware of, yet without it doing so you would not be alive. Designed into you is a hierarchy with your brain at the top, commanding and coordinating the rest of your body all the time. Designed into your brain is a hierarchy with layer upon layer of programming, from firmware to subconscious operating system to conscious thought, all affecting the brain’s signaling of your body.

Since so much that happens in your brain is subconscious, you can only know that there are issues with your brain’s programming by circumstantial evidence — the symptoms that proceed from that programming that appear in your body. You may be aware of being stressed out, but even there you notice because you are short-tempered, tired, in pain, having trouble concentrating, or unable to sleep well. We know your brain programs are affecting you from your symptoms, not by analyzing the actual computer code of your brain’s programs. Disease is also a symptom — you may to think of disease as caused by genetics, germ exposure, lifestyle, or just bad luck, not realizing that your brain is the biggest factor in your health.

To assist you with your health, we need a way to monitor the signals your brain is sending to your body, the same signals that your cells are receiving. We need to know when those signals are balanced and appropriate for good health, and when they are skewed. We need to know when treatment is having a positive impact on those signals. We have the technology to do this, using electroencephalogram (EEG) testing.

EEG’s work because the functioning of all portions of your brain give off brainwaves. These electromagnetic waves reach your entire body, and extend outside your body for a distance, allowing the EEG to measure them in real time. The EEG is passive and non-invasive, since it is just receiving the signals your brain is giving off naturally. Since your brainwaves occur in numerous frequency ranges, the EEG measures all of the ranges at once.

Analyzing the results of the EEG properly requires mastery level skill which is equivalent to 10,000 hours of training (4 hours per day for 10 years), similar to a premiere orchestra conductor, since brainwaves are quite complex. As any musician knows, the combination and timing of all the instruments, the harmonies and the coordination, the resonance and amplitude — all these factors contribute to whether the music is good or not. Similarly brainwaves must be considered together to determine if their patterns are in balance.

Since we can monitor brainwaves, we can also see if attempts to balance them are effective. Neurofeedback or biofeedback techniques influence the brainwaves by helping the rewriting of the conscious programs stored in your brain that are disrupting your body. The programs of stress, worry, and fear are particularly harmful, and are often the result of subconscious programs stored long ago, in your first few years of life when your brain is forming and particularly receptive.

Neurofeedback has gained acceptance across the medical community because of consistently positive results. In a review article published in Integrative Cancer Therapies, researchers at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada collected 17 studies across 5 major medical databases on the subject of safety and effectiveness of neurofeedback techniques in treating fatigue and cognitive impairments. The results were unanimous: all reported positive results in one or both areas. The conclusion: EEGs and neurofeedback are very safe and can be quite effective. They explained the process as consciously retraining the brain to function in healthier brainwave patterns through auditory and/or visual stimuli, the effectiveness of which the progress can be measured through the EEG. If the stimuli produce stable and helpful patterns, those are continued so that they are reinforced in the brain’s normal operation. They consider this process as “exercise for the brain.”

Never brain, it’s the mind
Your mind is telling your brain what to do, and the brain responds. If the mind is thinking on negative or detrimental thoughts, the brain’s job is to put thoughts into action in the body. The mind depends upon the brain’s operation to do its bidding. The mind is not signaling the body; rather, the mind is directing that signaling through the brain which generates the physical signals.

This is where the disconnect occurs. You consciously want to be grateful, optimistic, loving, and joyful. You know that is the best way to live and the way you want to be. Yet you are subconsciously blocked. The blockages are in your subconscious programming, even while your mind wants something better. The cumulative effect of experiences during your life have been recorded in neural circuits in your brain. During your first few years of life, your brain was sucking in experiences like a vacuum cleaner at full power. Those are at the ground floor of the skyscraper which is your layered brain, so they are most foundational. Even though many of these recordings are not accessible to you consciously, they can be altered so that they are not constantly signaling negatively to your body.

Fear recordings in your brain are the most damaging. Fear is to help us escape from danger, and then once escaped, teach us to avoid the danger in the future. Fear is designed to make a strong impression on the brain, because we need to learn to avoid danger. Thus, experiences combined with high emotions result in strong recordings. Stress is similar: stress is a signal that something needs to change, and highly emotional stress is a red alert which gets imprinted strongly. Add that to the highly impressionable early years, and you have strongly recorded, harmful programs stuck in foundational floors of your brain skyscraper. Simple self-talk or positive thinking courses won’t touch these foundational recordings.

Published in Molecular Psychiatry, researchers at Linköping University, Sweden conducted animal studies into the process by which the brain stores fear-based memories. It is already known that the amygdala, which is the emotional center of the brain, and the prefrontal cortex, which is the emotional regulating area of the brain, work together to process fear-based memories. The study showed that epigenetic (above or outside the gene blueprint) reduction of the enzyme PRDM2, which suppresses expression of many genes, during the consolidation process of memory formation caused an exaggeration of that consolidation. The consolidation process is how memories are stabilized and recorded as long-term memories. So the environment, not the gene, causes an enzymatic response which causes the memories to harden as stronger long-term memories.

The study also made this conclusion: “Patients with anxiety disorders may benefit from treatments that weaken or erase fear memories.” They suggest that these strong memories can cause anxiety-related conditions to develop. That’s because, whether they are consciously remembered or not, those memories are stored, and stored strongly, causing downstream impact on brain operation, and thus, signaling throughout the body. Only modifying or releasing those will stop the deleterious effect that they are having on your health.

Do you have an anxiety disorder? Well, do you feel anxious at times when there is no reason to do so? That isn’t a stigma, it’s just a reality of your brain’s response to fear-based recordings. And we all have some of those!

So treatment is releasing troublesome, garbage programming which is hindering your brain from performing for you as you would like. More than that, it frees your brain to signal good health to your whole body.


Dr. Nemec’s Review

Your subconscious mind is the ground floor of the building. It is the entire foundation of the building. The foundational programming has only two possible programs: love or fear. Unfortunately, in an out of balanced world, the highest percentage of people, including parents, have predominantly fear-based subconscious programming as their foundation. This is just because it was passed to them by their parents, and by their parents, and so on. Very, very occasionally there will be a parent that has unconditional love in their subconscious foundational programming, but the situation is that we all grow up as children in the environment that is made by predominantly two people, our mother and our father, and we are an extension of them, not only genetically, but also our minds and brains are a storage of the environment around us — ages 0 to 6 being the predominant subconscious foundational levels being programmed. Unfortunately, most children grow up in a mental-emotional environment that is based in fear, stress, need, and lack. This is the subconscious programming of their parents and family which makes the environment that programs the child; and even in the rare instance that one parent has an unconditional love subconscious program, usually the other parent with the fear and the stress subconscious programming over-rules the environment, so the children become subconsciously programmed in negativity instead of love.

Why is all of this important? It’s not to go back and blame our parents. It’s to understand the environment that formed us and how to change that environment NOW, how to release our negative subconscious and conscious mind programs. The reason this is of vital importance is because subconscious programming dictates brain function and brainwave emission, so if we do not release the subconscious program, then we will always have the brain sending out fear and stress signals to the body. These signals go to ALL the cells of the body. This not only produces fear, stress, need, and lack in children, but as those children grow that continual signaling from the brain produces disease in body. So all disease has a subconscious and conscious programming factor as the primary generator of the disease.

How are these subconscious stress programs identified and released?

There has been no documented university, clinical, or medical research showing a way to release subconscious programming, yet over the last 40 years we have developed a protocol that has successfully released the subconscious programs, documented with pre and post 3-D brain imaging and brain mapping. Not only have we seen dramatic changes in pre and post brainwave patterns, but most importantly, patients have had not only tremendous releases of stored heaviness, of which they were unaware of the source, but combined with whole new levels of joy, peace, and freedom that cannot be explained consciously. The best result is that it affected every cell in the body and major disease processes have been completely reversed when the subconscious programs were released with Revolution New Medicine Protocol®. We have successfully brought balance to the mind, brain, emotions, and physical body with this protocol, and have restored normal signaling from the mind, to the brain, to all the cells of the body. This is why patients have healed from advanced disease processes. Once you change the signals that affect 50 trillion cells in your body, once you change those signals from fear to peace and joy, the body does what it was created to do — it heals no matter what the disease is. If you do not correct the foundation of the building, then the building is built on sinking sand and it’s just a matter of time until disease manifests in the body, whether by mental-emotional disease or physical disease.

The problem is that in our society, instead of looking at these foundational causes, only the effects are ever addressed and treated with medications, potentially harmful therapies and temporary surgeries. This is like trying to fix the hundredth floor that is leaning 10° to the east by rebuilding that floor above 10° to the west. The problem is not at the hundredth floor. That is the effect of the foundation being off. We must treat the cause, not the effect, and the cause of all the dysfunction and disease in the body is first and foremost subconscious foundational programming.

How much does this play a factor in your mental-emotional-physical healing? At least 90%. That means everything that you do physically is only in the 10% category, either positively or negatively, but that is not addressing the root foundational cause. We discovered this foundational cause 30 years ago and have been fine-tuning the Revolution New Medicine Protocol® ever since. This is why so many come to us from many places around the globe, and those people of been able to heal where all other treatments have failed. Always remember: if you don’t balance the foundation, you can never completely heal your mind, your emotions, or your body.

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