Epigenetics control is a new field of scientific research to explore in order to stop the growth, spread and relapse of cancer.

Epigenetics means “above the gene” and the ability of something above or outside of the gene itself to turn the gene on or off. The researchers found that epigenetic changes control the development of cancer precursor cells. These cells represent the early stage of cancer cell development and can grow rapidly to become mature cancer. According to the researchers, progression of different cancer stages and development of metastatic potential requires differentiation of these cancer progenitor cells.

Mutated cells are more vulnerable to the environment. Some of these mutations may alter epigenetic regulation in addition to epigenetic changes occurring by external and internal influences, which impacts gene expression and regulates cell behavior, playing a profound role when normal cells develop into progenitor cancer cells.

The researchers believe that epigenetic mechanisms are involved in this process of turning cancer cell growth on or off. Once a degree of metastatic form of cancer is achieved, the genes, which cause the change, become inactive and the genes causing rapid growth are again turned on.

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Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec comments on Epigenetics Controls Cancer Formation, Growth and Spread:

The field of epigenetics in its simplest form means that when you change the internal environment around the cells, those cells adapt to that environment by either turning on genes that cause cancer to develop, grow and spread or by turning off genes that cause cancer. The key term is ENVIRONMENT! If you make a health promoting environment around your cells with the proper amount of oxygen, sufficient water, food that promotes health and healing, proper sleep so the cells can maintain and repair, proper exercise to promote movement of fluids bring the oxygen and food to the cells and removing waste products from the cells, then the cells will remain in a state of health and the epigenetic control will not turn on the cancer genes. The most exciting part of epigenetics is that YOU CONTROL YOUR ENVIROMENT so YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY.
With alternative cancer treatments and to prevent cancer in the first place, you must always focus on your ability to control your environment and this begins with 7 Basic Steps to Total Health

Some important points to remember about you changing your internal environment:

  • Cancer cells cannot grow in highly oxygenated environments.
  • If you do not drink enough water then you will not be able to get oxygen and food to the cells, and waste products away from the cells.
  • Cancer grows well in sugar so decrease your sugar and starches and increase your vegetables, salads, seeds, nuts and avocados.
  • Your cells repair and heal mostly with premidnight sleep. So try to get to bed as close to 8PM as possible. For each hour of premidnight sleep you get it is twice as important that postmidnight sleep.
  • You must move to make a healthy environment around your cells. Walk, go up and down stairs. Exercise increases the oxygen and food going into the cells and waste products leaving the cells.

Develop a regular routine of prayer and living more fully in the moment not focusing so much on the future or the past. People spend so much time in tomorrow or yesterday that they forget to live today. Live like today is the only day you have so live it to the full and make it count in the lives of the people you love and care about.
Mental and emotional stress not properly controlled is by far more harmful to producing a negative internal environment around your cells than any physical stressor. “Be still and know that I AM GOD”