Meat Linked to CancerRemember as you eat up the food chain you are eating concentrated chemicals, toxins, pesticides, herbicides etc. These are the facts you have to keep in mind when eating animal products:

· Eating an animal product is 16 times more concentrated in chemicals and toxins than eating non-organic produce, and on average 100 times more concentrated in chemicals and toxins than organic produce.

· All scientific studies have shown that plant products decrease your incidence of disease where animal products in the cooked form increase your incidence of disease.

· The possibility of infectious prion diseases like Mad Cow being spread silently with a long incubation period in not only beef, but also in chicken, pork, lamb, and dairy products.

· The most recent studies on the low carb, high protein diets showing temporary weigh loss but after one year the weight loss usually ceases or is regained.

· The low-carbohydrate (high protein) group was more likely to experience toxic symptoms of constipation, headache, halitosis, muscle cramps, diarrhea, weakness, and rash.

If you haven’t begun, start transitioning your diet to a living/raw, plant-based diet. The purest, most health-promoting diet on the planet is living/raw food, which consists of sprouts, seeds, legumes, nuts, vegetables, sea vegetables and avocados. When this type of food is consumed in the uncooked state, it has bioelectrical charges to jumpstart sick or dysfunctional cells back on to health and life. This is the food all animals in the wild eat. No animal eats cooked food, except your dogs and cats and they contract the same diseases that the human race does: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, etc.

How do you begin? Eat more living/raw food and eat it first in the meal. If you eat a large salad of sprouts, greens, cut up vegetables and avocados, you are going to get full. And if you are full with the right foods you are less likely to eat the wrong foods because there is no more room in your stomach. This way, if you ate the large salad with all the above in it and you still want to eat some meat, pasta, or something else cooked, you will not have much room in your stomach for the cooked food and animal products.

Foods to avoid:

1.) Sugar

2.) Salt

3.) Dairy

4.) Processed or preserved

5.) Man-made/artificial–saccharin, NutraSweet, MSG

6.) Hydrogenated fats and oils

7.) Meat, chicken and fish

8.) Cooked animal products

9.) Flour


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