If you don’t feel you can make it through the day without caffeine, if you are taking over-the-counter medicines, or if you are taking anti-anxiety drugs, you are not alone. Even if you are in the minority that doesn’t medicate to keep going each day, you might still get medicines and drugs through supposedly “pure” blood transfusions because so many Americans are hooked! At the Oregon State University researchers found caffeine, DXM, and Xanax in many samples of blood planned for transfusions. These samples show just how dependent upon these common drugs Americans have become.

So many articles have been written on the dangers of drugs, including the “natural” drugs like caffeine, that you know your life would be better without them — if you believed you could stop using them. Or perhaps you consider the over-the-counter medications as safe, simply because they don’t require a prescription. Perhaps you consider that any herbal medicine has no down side, or that something that occurs naturally in some foods, as caffeine does, is fine. But all that makes it too easy for us to avoid making the real life-improving basic changes that we would pursue if the easy “band-aids” weren’t available.

The Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine found that about one out of 6 Americans take at least one psychiatric drug over a year. The Kuakini Medical Center found that 90 percent consume caffeine to some extent regularly, and over half of Americans consume 300 or more milligrams per day!

Dextromethorphan (DXM), available in many cough medications, is regulated in some states because of the rising abuse that had occurred. Americans generally require help to start performing when they wake up, keep pushing through the day, turn it all off and sleep at night, and avoid anxiety the whole time. What’s so bad about that, if that is what it takes to compete in modern society?

What does caffeine do that is bad? Here is a partial list:

  • It is diuretic, causing dehydration.
  • It tends to increase stomach irritation, and can promote ulcers.
  • May cause an irregular heartbeat.
  • It can promote anxiety, which might even push people towards anti-anxiety drugs.
  • It promotes fatigue: after forcing your body to stay alert, the resources used need to be replenished. Fatigue follows, and promotes the cycle of taking more caffeine.

You can see how caffeine use is a self-perpetuating cycle. It makes your goal of vibrant health harder to attain.

DXM and Xanax
DXM can cause liver damage, memory problems, attention issues, depression, agitation, and delusions. Xanax promotes similar problems: psychological effects with the risk of actually damaging brain cells, possible seizures, and a reduction in the body’s ability to naturally produce GABA. Again, there is a self-perpetuating cycle where the drug seems to make life better in the short term, and over time actually decreases your health.

Any prescription drug comes with a required list of possible side effects. Some have an all-inclusive potential side-effect: “death”. There is little point in repeating the lists of side-effects for common prescription drugs. We hear them so often we tend to tune them out.

We are living in an increasingly toxic society. Toxins are now mainstream, fully accepted as “normal”. Drugs are advertised with great promises of some benefit, without counting the cost. A new drug may be even prescribed to counter a side-effect of another drug! But drugs are toxic by nature, and they damage your health. The effect of all drugs, including those over the counter, is to increase your level of toxicity. Toxicity then diverts your body’s resources, opening the door to disease. And if you are caught in the toxic cycle, you may be taking more medications to treat the symptoms of the disease while you add to the underlying cause of the disease!

Toxicity is a subtle trap. Like quicksand, it draws you in faster as you attempt to medicate your way out.

“Healthful nutrition interventions might be a powerful approach to reduce disease risks associated with many environmental toxic insults…” — that quote is from an article from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The answer — your answer — is to counter the toxic load, not with more toxins, but to support your body’s mechanisms to expel toxins and promote real, pure health.

Give your body what it needs, not another “quick fix”. Don’t just be a normal American.

Normal Americans aren’t healthy.

Dr. Nemec’s Comments:
The purpose of knowing what is potentially in donor blood bank blood isn’t the purpose of this research but instead to inform you how sick Americans really are. If the average blood contains caffeine, anti-depressives and cough syrup it tells you that we are a nation of people that need stimulants to get us going in the morning and to keep us going in the afternoon. People are also not happy or depression medication would not be in so many peoples’ blood. We are over-medicated, over-fed, undernourished, need, lack and pressure-driven, which has become out of control. The end result: physical and mental illness starting at early ages. What is the answer? Seven Basic Steps to Total Health. God designed us to breathe oxygen, drink water, eat enzyme and biophoton rich food, sleep following a circadian pattern, exercise for life, fast to cleanse and reset, and most importantly to pray: learn to be still and listen to HIM instead of always telling HIM what you need and what HE should do.