America is changing, and currently, according to polls, the majority of Americans believe that this country is headed in the wrong direction. Perhaps you feel that way too. Inflation has made everything more expensive and you are falling behind in your finances. Our national debt is over $31 trillion, which equates to $73,000 for every U.S. citizen. Could you pay your share? Most of us can’t, so our nation is technically bankrupt. Immigrants are pouring across our border so fast that mayors are crying for more money to support the immigrants that have reached their cities. We are at war; not directly, but through proxy, giving money to support nations in actual armed conflict.

But the picture is not just bleak on the financial side. America is becoming less free. If you say positive things about popular movements these days, you are excepted as part of the group; but if you say anything against those movements, you risk being labeled as a non-conformist. If you speak out at college campuses or at your local school board and your speech is not popular, you may get voted down or thrown out. Social media bans your posts if they do not conform to their determination of what is acceptable speech. The movies your kids see are becoming more politically correct and agenda driven. When COVID was running rampant, you saw our government and employers forcing vaccinations upon those who wanted to stay employed, travel, or play sports. We seem to be devolving into “survival of the conformist” rather than having legal rights under the constitution of the United States of America.

You are under increasing pressure to conform and accept the direction things are going. You are in an environment which is pushing you to adapt. If you are avoiding putting up a protest to what the schools are teaching your kids, or simply uncritically accepting what you are being fed on the news, you are conforming at least to some extent. There are a few out there who go further, however. These are the people who decide to not only go with the flow, but profit from it. Public leaders are mysteriously getting hot stock tips or otherwise padding their personal finances. Leaders of the popular and powerful movements are rewarded for their efforts, increasing their influence even further. They are using their wits, seeing where things are going, and taking steps to enrich themselves. Meanwhile, those who believe that we are one nation under God’s control are being penalized.

Welcome to a cell’s world
What does that have to do with health? Cells are a product of the environment they live in. They are programmed for health and longevity if the environment they are living in supports that, but if that environment goes against it, the cell stands for health as long as it can and then either dies prematurely to protect the whole from unhealthy mutation or is forced to mutate to try to survive in a toxic inflammatory environment.

Consider the world of the individual cell — often, it is seeing a bodily environment that is headed in the wrong direction. It is under pressure to change, to adapt. It’s been trying to do its job, but that is not enough with the change of environment. Unfortunately, it is under the authority of the controlling environment that it lives in.

People have many talents and abilities, and they can use them to improve their lot in life by taking little steps: taking classes, working towards a promotion, finding ways to to improve in the system. Cells likewise have a vast array of talents built into their genetic codes, which they can choose from as needed. Those codes are extensive, and cover behavior they can choose to meet their current needs, whatever is being thrown at them. Sometimes those codes are damaged and are mutated, but mutations merely reduce the options the cell has. Cells can’t gain new function by mutation any better than you can learn to play the piano by being in a car wreck, but they can have some of their options, their genetic code rules, eliminated or hampered. Nonetheless, they still have many options available to them even when mutations happen, because the genetic library of codes is vast; they do their best to pick the best option to produce normal cell health. But if the environment is overwhelmingly against them they are forced to conform.

Genes are active or inactive, and most are inactive, waiting to be called up when needed. This activation and deactivation is the process of epigenetics, which involves a cell’s choice of which genes to express via biochemical processes. The active genes provide the codes that are used to create complex proteins which cause the instructions of the genes to be carried out. Each cell makes a unique set of proteins based upon the information in those genes. Change the genetic expression, and those proteins change, which then causes change in the biochemical reactions that determine cell behavior, metabolism, and impact on its neighbors. We can tell what the genes are instructing a cell by looking at the specific proteins that the cell produces.

But this brings up a problem: if genes are the decision makers, what is making the decision as to which genes to activate? Is there some process that controls the gene activation that is at a higher level than the genes themselves? There must be, and cellular signaling is the key. This is complicated, because cell signaling is done mostly through electromagnetic frequencies, and through signaling proteins that come from other cells, so there is a lot of cross-communication happening that influence changes in gene activation, which then cause changes in the signaling.

What is above even genetics?
It’s the signaling the cell receives from other cells, particularly those of the brain, which is the master control. This is the concept that is dawning on medical research — that epigenetics occur frequently and is a much greater factor in cell behavior (within the limits of the cell’s genetic library) than any particular gene itself.

The cell’s “hardware” is its genetic library, and its “software”, which can change like your computer software can change, is the epigenetics.

Here’s another important point about cellular epigenetics: while people can make moral choices, the cells cannot. They do what their signals and the options within their genetic libraries allow. They do have a mysterious drive to survive and prosper, which is a mystery at the heart of life because no such drive exists outside of life — everything else tends towards chaos, but life organizes, builds, and improves. However, if a cell goes cancerous, it is because it is following its environment as expressed to it by signals, in accordance with its desire to survive and thrive. Each step that leads to a cancerous state is, for the cell, an appropriate step for the environmental signals it encounters and the genetic library it has.

Cellular damage from mutations can drastically reduce a cell’s genetic library, limiting its options. Even so the cell is still choosing its genetic expression from the codes that remain in its library. Mutations are often nonsensical and promote cell malfunction, often making the cell unviable and leading to its death. Cancer is a relatively unlikely outcome of mutation because cancer requires the cell to have enough genetic library intact to have a metabolism and maintain interaction with other cells.

The world changes, so do your cells. What is more likely to result in cancer is a series of epigenetic steps that cells take rather than one sudden mutation. Cancer progression can therefore be interrupted before all of the steps are taken. Recent research is confirming this. Published in Nature, researchers at the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute conducted a big data study analyzing the full transcriptome, exome and epigenome genetic data of 1.7 million cells of 11 different cancer types, looking for consistent patterns in cancer progression. This large data approach was necessary because many types of cancer exist, and each represents a complex form of life with its own protein signature as a result of the genetics and epigenetic expression of the tumor cells. They confirmed that epigenetic changes are a major cause of cancer development, that they could observe epigenetic markers for cancer progression, and that the metabolic pathways of these genetic expressions could be identified, predicting how they would interact with other cells even at a distance from the cancerous cells. So cancer not only develops in epigenetically driven changes in cell proteins, but the specific signatures of these proteins can predict the progress and severity of the cancer.

The summary of this study is: “The path a cell takes from healthy to metastatic cancer is mostly driven by epigenetic changes.” Research is showing that cancer comes from pre-cancerous steps which happen as cells respond to their environment. Cells can only sense the environment through biochemical signals: whether from the physical cell environment, from neighboring cells, or most importantly from the brain, they are responding to signals. If the environment is harsh, the cells detect that and attempt to change their behavior by epigenetics. Their choice might be to take advantage of the environment and better themselves at the expense of others, breaking the laws of the body and going cancerous. With the vast computing power and ability to pick apart genetics that modern science has available, we are learning just what those steps are that lead to cells breaking away from being an organized, helpful part of the body and instead going rogue. What we are finding is that cells take steps toward or away from cancerous metabolism in stages, per their environment.

Genetic expression is controlled by histone modification, nucleosome positioning, non-coding RNA, but especially through a process called methylation. Here a methyl group is positioned in the DNA strand as a tag or marker, so when the DNA is being used to create proteins, the tagged portion is skipped over, functionally deactivating it. These tags can be added or removed to change the expression of the genetic code. Published in Clinical Epigenetics is a study of three independent case-controlled studies from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition. This study determined that hypomethylation (low methylation) of DNA can be predictive of breast cancer risk years before the cancer appears. That confirms that epigenetics are working towards the cancerous condition by changing the genetic expression. Epigenetics are changeable, and what is causing cells to step towards cancer can also cause them to step towards normalcy.

What does this mean to you?
Simple — cancer is caused by environmental factors, which very much include mental-emotional signaling from the brain. Cancer normally takes time and a number of steps to develop, under stress from the signals they are receiving. Cells don’t care where the stress signals are coming from, whether from mental stress or a toxic physical environment. If you can clean up the full array of stress signals the cells are receiving, cancer becomes obsolete.

You live in a toxic world, and can’t completely control the signals your cells receive, but you can do more than you probably imagine is possible. Maybe you aren’t in a position to do much about the declining conditions in this country, but you can certainly do a lot about the conditions in your own body, day by day.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

We are a product of the environment we are living in whether we like it or not. You are breathing mercury from the coal burning power plants in China. Even if you’re living in the pristine Himalayan mountains, what you do to one part of the world do you do to all parts. If one country drops an atomic bomb on another country, we all lose because this radiation affects the entire world, not just the locality where it was targeted. Your cells are the same way. They always strive to be in the highest level of health that is programmed within them, but also programmed is an adaptation to survive in any environment, no matter how inflammatory or how toxic, at any cost.

This is the root source of cancer stem cell formation. As the studies have proved, genes do not dictate cell health, but the environment does.

What does that mean — “the environment?”
The environment is what surrounds the cell, it is the world it lives in. That environment causes the genes to activate or inactivate epigenetically in response to the environment. This environment consists of three major categories: mental, emotional, and physical.

  • The mental is primarily controlled by subconscious programming and secondarily by conscious programming.
  • The emotional environment is simply a byproduct of the mental environment once it is translated and signaled to the body through neurotransmitters, stress hormones, and a variety of other signaling messengers.
  • The physical environment is made of of everything you breathe, eat, drink, and touch.

Are you a product of the environment?
Yes, and no. Yes, because it if you eat toxic, inflammatory food, you are going to send signaling messages to all of the cells in your body to rise up and attack this food. It’s the same message that would be sent when there’s a foreign invader in the body that’s not supposed to be in there — the messages are sent throughout the body to all the cells to seek out, kill and destroy the foreign invader. The way the immune system does that is by shooting inflammatory molecules at the offending intruder. The only problem with this is the body always compensates excessively to ensure survival.

Consider this analogy: if it needs two bullets to kill an intruder, the body would shoot at least 100 to play it safe. The other 98 bullets end up hitting healthy tissue and damaging it. But the body repairs the damage and you never know it happened. This happens with acute stress of inflammatory toxic food, but if this is your regular diet that you eat three times a day, you can see where the problem develops: your body is constantly secreting inflammatory bullets to kill an enemy that is always coming, so you end up damaging healthy tissue permanently. These inflammatory molecules make an inflammatory environment that alters which genes turn on and which turn off — the end result is mutation to adapt to an inflammatory environment. This you know as excessive cell growth that is not controlled; it’s pathological name is “carcinogenesis” — you know it as cancer.

What about the NO?
The other answer is no — you are not a total product of the environment, but a product of the programming of the environment. What do we mean by programming?

The largest, and most powerful, signaling messages come from subconscious stress programs written on the tissue of the brain. These messages were written in early childhood, even in utero as a product of the environment the baby was growing in. These messages were the most crucial in life, and wrote the most powerful and long lasting programs in the brain to ensure survival.

This means in this very early formative environment for the developing child, the brain is writing programs that will last a lifetime and will ensure survival. These programs are the strongest signals sent to the hundred trillion cells in the body — much stronger than the physical environment.

If these programs are based in fear, being alone, or not being wanted, not being loved, or if based in self survival, then those are the types of signaling messages that will program the epigenetic environment of the hundred trillion cells during your whole life.

Test the environment
So, just as it’s really important to evaluate your physical environment with extensive lab testing, it is of utmost importance to evaluate your mental environment with testing to evaluate if you have stored subconscious and conscious stress programming stored in the brain. This is the system we developed over the last 40 years at Revolution New Medicine. Our trade-marked system analyzes the physical environment, the emotional environment, and most importantly the mental environment, subconsciously and consciously. We have also created treatments to change each one of these environments permanently, if that environment is maintained.

So what causes the cellular change known as cancer to develop?
It is the epigenetically controlled mental and emotional and physical programming coming from the environment the cell lives in.

So although you can’t control the amount of mercury in the air, nor can you control if there’s atomic radiation around you, you can control the choices you make, and each correct choice turns on programming that produces cell function.

You can choose the diet that you eat, the lifestyle you live, and the thoughts you think. Become proactive and choose it now, not waiting till after the diagnosis, after the disease development and advancement.

If you have cancer developed already in your body, you can still choose the diet that you eat, change the lifestyle you live, and the thoughts you think to stop the disease advancement and turn on the signaling that produces health and wholeness at the cellular level. The choice is always up to you, but the choice you make must be a continual choice, not a one-time choice.

You don’t always have a choice of the environment you’re in but you do have a choice of how you react to that environment.


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