Dr. Nemec at Harvard Medical School Conference

I was blessed to be one of the 100 doctors in the world to be invited to this special event research conference held a Harvard Medical School. The speakers were the top in the world in their specific field of research. Some of the topics included:

  • Approaches to Treating Diseases of Aging
  • Aging reversal: fact or fantasy?
  • Abnormal fat ratio causing Vascular Disease
  • Systemic Cancer Treatment; Time for a Paradigm Change
  • Gluten and Clinical Outcomes: How to Connect the Dots for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Functional Reduction of Inflammation in Neurodegenerative Disorders

In the weeks to come I will be sharing with you some of this latest research in these areas.

Today I will address the question I asked the top two researchers in anti-aging and longevity research. The question I posed was:

Calorie Restriction vs. Calorie Selection especially living and raw plant food?

All the research for the last twenty years has shown that the only way to extend longevity in animals is by calorie restriction or reducing their calories they consume daily by 25-40%. This has caused researchers to try to create a drug that can mimic calorie restriction. This is a long and slow road because as we all know all drugs have side effects and sometime the side effects outweigh any  benefit of the drug.

The first researcher said he thought only the calorie count mattered but when he asked his colleague, he said that certain types of calories mattered more. Then the first researcher asked him which ones were the most important. The answer given by the lead research in the field of anti-aging was that fat was the most important because they had found problems in the lab with high protein diets.  Everyone knows that high carb diets are a problem because sugar feeds inflammation and cancer.

At Revolution New Medicine we have promoted a living/raw plant based diet for over 23 years with the largest part of the diet coming from from plant fats and raw vegetables and sprouts. Now the top researchers in the world have found that fat is the macronutrient that needs to be the primary source of calories along with complex carbohydrates in the form of vegetables.

The reason the lead researcher said that they had found some problems with protein diets is because protein if it is in excess in the diet it turns to sugar which either feeds pathogens like cancer cells, bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites or it is stored as fat which becomes an inflammation and hormonal factory that leads to disease.