Healing Sleep

Dreams act as a therapy

Your dreams may offer you solutions for solving personal problems, according to a Canadian study.
University of Alberta and University of Montreal researchers studied 470 students and found that memorable emotional events can influence dreams for up to six or seven days.
The study found that compared to dreams on the night immediately after the event, the dreams on subsequent nights were more likely to reflect interpersonal interactions, problem-solving, and positive emotions. The researchers believe that these “delayed incorporations” may help people work through personal problems.
This suggests an ongoing effort to resolve problems in dreams during the week following the emergence of that problem. The dreams themselves are a kind of treatment,” said Dr. Don Kuiken, a psychology professor at the University of Alberta.
-Journal of Sleep Research.
Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec comments on Do Dreams Help Us Heal?:

What are dreams?

Dreams are:
  •           The daily detoxing of the conscious mind.
  •           The natural purging of the subconscious mind
  •           A mode in which God can give divine revelation.
Most of the dreams we experience have no meaning and are not meant to be analyzed only released. This is the purging, detoxing of the thoughts of conscious and subconscious mind.
The dreams that do have meaning is when God gives you a image, symbol or word that you know that you know came from Him.
Joseph received revelation from God as God spoke to him through dreams.
Einstein said he received his theory of relativity while dreaming of riding a light beam in space.
What this study shows up about dreams is that it is the way the conscious and subconscious mind “works things out” to keep you in a state of balance or wholeness.
One additional point to know: you only hit the deep dream state when you get to bed early and wake up early with as close to 9.5 hours of deep/dark uninterrupted sleep, with at least 3-5 hours before midnight. This is a powerful balance of body, mind and emotion, so get to bed early and have several detoxing dreams or better yet, received direct inspiration and revelation from God.