journeyAll of us are on this journey of life, a journey into discovery. What are we discovering? Is it a new continent? A rare archeological find? Gold or diamonds?  No, something much more precious.

A life being led by the heart instead of by the mind. Let us explain. Many times in Christopher Columbus’s journey to discover America, his mind and many around him told him that it was hopeless, that all was loss, that it was impossible to do what was in his heart to do. Does this sound familiar? You have challenges in your life everyday whether they be health, relationships, job or financial. How many times does your old nature (old mind, will and emotions) tell you just give up and quit, or beats you up when you stumble in the journey by condemning and judging you. “See, I told you that you cannot do it, so stop trying.”

It is up to you to rise to the challenge of the old mind, of the world system and discover a whole new world–a life transformed by living and acting from the heart. This is what Columbus did and his reward was the discovery of the new world. When you follow your heart no matter what the cost the old lying mind or the world system threaten you with, you discover the most precious gift of all–to live fully from the heart, obeying and following only what God puts into your heart not what the world system or the old lying mind fill your mind with. This discovery is to live every moment to the full, seeing God fully in each and every moment. This is eternal life in the moment.

The question comes up in the journey of life, “How do I know I am going in the right direction?”

The answer is found the same way Columbus found it:

  1. He knew there was a way that no one had ever found.
  2. He risked everything to follow what was in his heart.
  3. The signposts of following the heart are almost always great opposition of the system; of the mind, of the people.
  4. The discovery is made when it appears that all has been lost.

Questions to think on:

  • What has God put in your heart today?
  • What price are you willing to pay to obey it?
  • Can you see the opposition of the old mind, the world and people getting stronger the further you follow the heart?
  • When you fall, do you keep your eyes fixed on what God has put in your heart rather than the condemning, judging, critical thoughts of the old mind, the world system and people?

To make the greatest discovery the world has ever known is to follow your heart because when you do you discover what it means to die to your old self, your mind, your old nature. To follow your heart is to go to a place where your mind cannot enter; it is the place of the Spirit. Most all great discoveries in life came when everything was risked and at times it seemed like everything was lost. This is the place where only the heart can go. This is the place of victory and freedom in the journey of life; always remember that the victories you attain in this life you keep for all eternity.

The most important part of life is the journey, not the destination. It is the wilderness, not the Promised Land.

If you seek after miracles you usually will not find them. But when you follow your heart instead of your head in the journey of life, you come to realize that the miracle is the journey itself. In the journey you are transformed into God’s image and in the journey you acquire the victories that last for eternity.

If healing is your primary focus, realize that one day everyone who knows Him will be healed whether on earth or in heaven.

If money is your primary focus–realize that it is like dust in the wind because it is here today, gone tomorrow and you cannot take it with you.

If your primary focus is power and control, realize into this world we came helpless and so will we exit this world. Your only power is that which God gives you to follow what He put in your heart to breathe one more breath and walk one more step. Power to control others is no real power at all. True power is to follow your heart and touch a sick and dying world. Who do you think had more true power, Hitler or Mother Teresa?

If following what God has placed in your heart is your primary focus, then you are blessed because what you attain in that journey will NEVER be lost.

So let us all celebrate the greatest discovery, next to a covenant relationship with the Living God, a life that is led by the heart instead of the head.