Six weeks of simple changes in diet and exercise start to make dramatic reductions in risk for diseases like diabetes, cancer or heart disease, researchers report.
Researcher Steven Aldana, a Brigham Young University professor of exercise science, and his team studied 337 volunteers — all residents of Illinois and ranging from 43 to 81 years of age — participated in a 40-hour educational course over four weeks.
People experienced significant reductions in body fat, cholesterol levels and blood pressure when they spent just 30 minutes a day on cardiovascular exercise and adopted a diet emphasizing unrefined foods like grains, legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables, Aldana reported.
“This is not a diet, not a trend, not a fad that will go away,” he said. “It’s adopting a nutritious way of eating and exercise that causes very important positive changes in your body’s health in a short period of time.”
-Journal of the American Dietetic Association.
Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec Comments: Diet and Exercise:
What this study shows is the plain and simple truth if we follow the basics of health, we will become healthy. In just 6 weeks of eating a plant based diet and getting 30 minutes of daily cardiovascular exercise the people experienced significant reductions of body fat, cholesterol and blood pressure. This is in just six weeks of doing only part of two of the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health. Can you imagine what their health would be transformed into if people did the complete 7 Basic Steps to Total Health for not six weeks but for the rest of their life!  Also do not forget that any alternative cancer treatment should address diet and exercise.
The take home message is this: Do not put off until tomorrow what can transform your health and life today! Start it TODAY!
I like what the lead researcher says in the article. “This is not a diet, not a trend, not a fad that will go away”. This is the way God intended us to live to be in total health of body, mind and spirit.
In these days of so many fad diets, isn’t it time you got back to basics—the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health?