A large study of Japanese adults found those with diabetes were more likely to develop cancer, especially of certain organs such as the pancreas and liver.

Men with diabetes in the study of nearly 98,000 people were 27 percent more likely than non-diabetics to be diagnosed with cancer, the study by the National Cancer Center in Tokyo found. Women afflicted with diabetes were also more at risk for cancer.

Study author Manami Inoue wrote that researchers have suspected a link between the two diseases but have not had conclusive evidence.

One theory holds that adult-onset diabetes produces excess insulin that may promote cancer cell growth in the liver or pancreas.

Diabetes – which is on the rise in many parts of the world – may also alter levels of sex hormones that could contribute to ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.
– Archives of Internal Medicine

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec’s comments on diabetes linked with cancer
The interesting thing in this study was that they showed that people that have diabetes tend to have a greater increased risk of cancer. This study showed that it was possibly due to the excessive insulin that might promote cancer cell growth in certain organs like the liver and pancreas. I think to further expound upon this it is very important to understand that cancer eats sugar. Cancer is an anaerobic organism. It lives best in low oxygen, it survives in fermentation. And what is the major product that produces fermentation? Sugar. So it is very important to understand that cancer cells eat sugar faster than any cell in the body. Brain cells need the most sugar of all cells of the body and cancer cells consume sugar twice as fast as brain cells. So any sugar that goes into your body, whether in the form of refined sugars, starches, flours, or in the form of just cooked food, which turns into sugar into the body, this all feeds cancer. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, but with a strong immune system, the immune system eats the cancer cells.

The problem is that most people in America have a weakened immune system because they are breaking most all of the Seven Basic Steps to Total Health. So, if cancer eats sugar twice as fast as brain cells, and even faster than all other cells in the body, then it is very important to understand everything that we eat, has the potential to fuel cancer cell growth and tumor formation. So, the ideal diet, the most health promoting and cancer protective diet, is one that is a living/raw plant based diet.

This is a diet of seeds, nuts, legumes, sprouts, vegetables, sea vegetables, avocados, and let me make a side note, it is a diet that is also to void of most fruit. Why? Because fruit has been hybridized over the last 100 years to produce a crop of extreme sweetness. Apples that you eat today are 75-100 times sweeter than they were over 100 years ago. Sweetness sells. So it is important to understand that sugar, excessive even in fruit, can spur cancer cell growth. So it is important that we be very, very cautious on what we put in our body, that would have a sugar content. Vegetables and the living raw food diet of sprouts, sprouted seeds, legumes, avocados, nuts and sea vegetables, these are all acceptable. So to close, it is important for you to understand it is not the disease, diabetes that’s linked with cancer as much as the sugar in the blood and in the body that spurs cancer cell formation and spread. The important way for you to work on being as healthy as God created you to be is by living the Seven Basic Steps to Total Health™.