Why, What and How of Detoxification


In this class you will learn what toxins are, how they damage the systems of the body, the symptoms of toxicity and how to detoxify the major systems that the toxins accumulate in.

When chemicals have built up in the body to the point that the body can no longer metabolize/break them down quickly, this results in cellular damage and eventually damage and malfunction to the tissues, glands, organs and body parts.

The damage of toxicity comes primarily through oxidation, which causes the cell membrane to become weak.  Cellular material can leak ouyt and extracellular fluid leaks into the cell, causing it to rupture and die.

Toxicity also damages the cells by changing them into free radicals, which are very destructive cellular intermediates that can cause a chain reaction of oxidative damage similar to starting a forest fire with one match.

A toxin in any chemical or substance that, once in the body, causes cellular dysfunction, damage, and death.  Toxins kill cells, tissues, glands and organs either quickly or slowly depending on how strong the toxin is and what vital pathways of life they disrupt.

The areas of the body that need to be detoxified include:  Lungs, Bowels, Liver/gall bladder, Kidney/bladder, Blood, Lymph and Skin.