In past U.S. election cycles, allegations have been flying furiously about cheating and election integrity. Both sides have alternately claimed that the other side cheated while their side was guiltless. The result has been a lot of confusion over whether close elections are truly valid. But when pressed, evidence of outright fraud has been difficult to produce. What has become obvious, however, is that a new pathway for voting has arisen which has drastically affected how elections are processed.

Not that many cycles ago, elections occurred on a specific day, with exceptions for absentee voting. This changed as early voting periods caught on, and the acceleration of mailed ballots occurred during the initial COVID outbreak. Now, the new pathway works this way: many, if not all registered voters, receive ballots mailed to them. The ballots may be returned by mail, or by taking them to a local “drop box”. Legitimate voting can occur this way, and many take advantage of the greater convenience. But “ballot harvesting”, which can be done to some extent legally and expanded through shady practices which cannot easily be shown to be fraud, became massively enabled by the broad use of mailed ballots with the extended acceptable early voting period for votes to be collected. Ballot harvesting is done by a person other than the voter who may go to friends, nursing homes, or other fruitful locations and say, “It’s not convenient for you to take your ballot to a drop box, may I do it for you?” At this point, it’s also possible the harvester is also filling out the ballot, which would be illegal, but not easy to prove. Yet photographic and cell phone GPS evidence has surfaced of vehicles going from drop box to drop box in a circuit, returning again to the first drop box and repeating the circuit — highly suspicious. And the total number of ballots returned has been increasing every election cycle, shattering previous record vote turn-out. Clearly this mail-based pathway is very efficient at getting ballots returned. If this system is being abused as it appears to be, it would not be a stretch to consider this a “cancer” in the voting system.

The new voting pathway can be legitimately used, and it can be abused by people with wrong intentions. Both may even be following the same laws. There are also laws of nature: bioelectrical and biochemical laws of how food is processed and energy is produced from that food.

Now consider your body. You have three basic categories of food you eat that provide you fuel: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. These bioelectrical and biochemical laws control how energy can be produced from those three categories. The food breakdown process has to release the energy from chemical bonds by breaking those bonds and harvesting the energy that is released. The pathways to get to that energy differ with each food category, but all are legitimate when used by the healthy body. But there is a selfish cell, that only looks out for itself, known as cancer, which operates under the same bioelectrical and biochemical laws as the rest of your body, but abuses the laws.

Cancer is constantly hungry and eats way more than normal cells. It requires way more energy because it’s growing rapidly. It tries not to pursue the more difficult metabolic pathways to get energy, preferring quick and sustainable, easy methods; in other words, it likes sugar and simple carbohydrates that quickly break down into sugar. Those provide the fastest and easiest means of energy production for any cell, cancerous or otherwise. But they also provide a no-oxygen path to that energy: muscles use this path during heavy exertion where oxygen can’t be provided fast enough, and it provides energy to the oxygen-deficient muscle cell and in the same way this no-oxygen energy can provide energy to a low oxygen (hypoxic) growing tumor. This provides a strategy against cancer: make it hard for it to get its energy.

The energy currency of cells
Most cells get their energy through the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule derived from the action of the mitochondria within those cells. There are exceptions: red blood cells, for instance, lack mitochondria and get energy directly from glucose. But utilizing ATP is preferred because it is much more energy efficient to add or remove ATP phosphate groups than to add or subtract from a glucose molecule, because the breakdown process of glucose changes its structure and it is difficult to rebuild it. Phosphate groups can be broken off of ATP to release energy, and be stuck back on to rebuild the ATP during the Citric Acid Cycle, once known as the Krebs Cycle. This cycle requires oxygen to complete, plus, it is a cycle, which comes back full circle to where the process started, making it “rechargeable.” Glucose metabolism eats the glucose and doesn’t replenish it, creating byproducts instead.

Glucose could be considered the alternate currency for cells. Glycolysis, which literally means “sugar splitting”, feeds the production of ATP and also produces pyruvate molecules and NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) high energy coenzyme molecules. In the presence of oxygen, these molecules complete the citric acid cycle and produce more energy. But when insufficient oxygen is available, glycolysis follows a different pathway: pyruvate can be converted to lactic acid, which then replaces oxygen as the final electron acceptor for NADH conversion into NAD+ and energy. This pathway is used during heavy muscle exertion and is only meant to last for a short period of time, because the lactic acid builds up and must be cleared by the liver as blood circulation carries it away as a waste product from the muscle over time. The liver turns the lactic acid back into glucose

In a cancer tumor, however, the blood circulation is low, oxygen is greatly decreased, and since the tumor is employing the same low oxygen, anaerobic pathway to produce lactic acid, this acid builds up, causing the tumor microenvironment to be very acidic. Is it a waste product as in muscle exertion? Yes and no — evidence is mounting that it actually is a tumor defense mechanism against the immune system besides being a sustainable fuel source. First, cancer will choose the anaerobic pathway even in the presence of oxygen — this is because oxygen is not sustainable in the tumor area so to insure a regular fuel source they switch to all glycolysis and lactic acid metabolism. Although the energy produced is less, it is continuous and that’s what the cancer cell needs for continued growth. Cancer goes to extra effort to avoid using oxygen and to create lactic acid, somewhat like the ballot harvester going to extra effort to find unused ballots — there is probably a motive behind that behavior. Cancer essentially chooses to make lactic acid, even though most cancers have mitochondria capable of using the normal citric acid cycle. Second, a cancer tumor cannot develop without first evading immune system attacks, and we can see clinical acidosis is usually associated with immunodeficiency, and some studies show impaired lymphocyte cytotoxicity in high acid environments. Putting together the evidence, a review article published in The Journal of Pathology from researchers at the BC Cancer Agency and the University of British Columbia, Canada gathers evidence from numerous studies showing how cancer profits from the creation of lactic acid, not only in evading the immune system but also in building its tumor infrastructure. The effect of acid on normal cells and cell signaling, the ability of cancer to produce energy in the low oxygenated tumor environment, and the thwarting of cytotoxic immune cell function all favor cancer choosing this alternate energy pathway. The choice is intentional.

Feeding the beast
Quick question: if high acidity favors cancer, would you want your body to be generally acidic? Foods such as red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy are excellent acidifiers. Another question: if cancer handles low oxygen well because it can produce energy without oxygen, would you be better off in a sedentary lifestyle, where you are not regularly getting oxygenation through aerobic exercise? Activity promotes oxygen throughout the body.

But you also don’t want to feed cancer through simple, processed carbohydrates, much less simple sugar. Simple carbohydrate metabolism increases lactic acid production, also making it an excellent acidifier. This may be helpful for athletes in the short term so that their muscles can use the anaerobic pathway to produce fast energy. But it’s also helpful for cancer for the same reason. Fat metabolism uses a different pathway which does not involve lactic acid.

Animal protein, if eaten in very slight excess, becomes glucogenic to the body, which means it breaks down into sugar, and also does increase systemic acid.

Uncooked plant fat is perfect — it does not feed the cancer beast. Do you need any carbohydrates? Yes — eat your green, alkaline-producing vegetables: they do not quickly break down into sugar like breads, pasta, potatoes, and rice, which are also acidic.

Research is showing that lactic acid not only promotes tumor development, but also cancer metastasis. Published in Cell Death & Disease, researchers at the University of Science and Technology in China found: treatment of patient-derived tumor cells with lactate (essentially lactic acid) promoted cancer stem cell (CSC) metastasis.

The CSCs develop in the low oxygen environment, and some migrate to the tumor edges where there is contact with blood vessels. Then they travel to other locations, where they set up new tumors if they are able to do so — they don’t like the normal oxygenated environment and many don’t survive the relocation, but some may, and they will set up if they are given the chance in a high acid microenvironment enabling them to develop new tumor colonies.

As you can see, cancer is excellent at “playing the system.” You don’t want to help it do so. Knocking out animal protein, sugars and processed carbs isn’t a complete fix, but it’s a vital start to making cancer unwelcome in your body.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

The take-home point here is: cancer stem cells, which are the root of all cancer and all tumors. not only develop in but also become much more aggressive and metastasize in an acidic and low oxygen environment.

First, what makes low oxygen? Lack of deep breathing, lack of exercise — especially cardiovascular to get your heart rate up. Also, the biggest cause of low oxygen at the cellular level is inflammation buildup. The more you inflame the body the more you flood the spaces between the cells, this produces cellular hypoxia or low oxygen at the cell level. So if you don’t get sufficient exercise every day, and you are mentally and emotionally stressed and eating inflammatory foods, then you are producing cellular hypoxia.

Next, what makes acidic environments?

  1. Subconscious and conscious stress programs make the most, because even though you may be unaware of subconscious programs of thoughts of fear, doubt, need, lack, physicality, and time — future or past — all these cause stress to the system, which makes it more acidic constantly 24x7x365 because these are programs that are playing all the time, even when you’re not consciously aware of them. These are always addressed with our Revolution New Medicine Protocol®.
  2. All animal products, and all starches and grains are acidic, especially refined carbohydrates, in the body. The only alkaline foods are leafy greens, green vegetables, vegetables, fruits (low glycemic index), seeds, avocados, and other plant fats. You can see a typical American is highly acidic because of their standard diet. So from the worst to the best you go from very acidic animal protein to leafy greens, being the most alkaline of all.

To summarize: you must get rid of everything that causes lower oxygen and higher acidity in your body or you’re asking for a disease. You must balance your mind, your emotions, your brain, your body, your diet, your exercise, and your lifestyle to be in the highest level of health, and to be disease preventative and attain longevity with vitality.

The most acidic action you can make is with your thoughts. Thoughts of fear, thoughts of lack, thoughts of future, thoughts of past — most of these thoughts are subconsciously programmed at a very young age and you’re not even aware of them. I cannot tell you how many patients over the last 40 years have come into our Revolution New Medicine Protocol® and have stated, “I’m shocked that I got cancer! I eat well, I take supplements, I exercise, I’m a very good body weight and I have no major stress in my life. I’m at a very good place, so how did I get cancer?”

This is where our 40 years of research come in. These subconscious stress programs written on the brain play continually in the background without you ever being consciously aware of them. Then how do I know if they’re there? The only way to know for sure is our 3-D brain imaging. And the only way to know they are released is using our Revolution New Medicine Protocol® to compare 3-D brain images and look for a certain pattern to develop. This pattern is unique to our protocol and our research. This is why people come from around the around the world to see us. I was just talking to a patient the other day in Nigeria, with advanced prostate cancer, who is making travel arrangements to come to begin our program.

If all disease is 90% driven by the mind, and most of that subconsciously, this is the biggest game-changer in the field of health and longevity there could ever be. When you balance your brain and mind, you always get the effect of a balanced body.

That’s why we work on the mind, the brain and the body. If you do not address this, you absolutely do not heal and do not stay healed no matter what you eat, no matter what supplements you take, no matter what conventional therapy you do, that’s why you were always designed to be balanced in spirit, mind, brain, body. It is the only way to optimum health and vital longevity.

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