A mother’s depression may raise the risk for antisocial behavior in her child, especially when depression occurs early in her child’s development, British researchers say.
Researchers at King’s College, London studied 1,116 sets of twins and found much higher levels of antisocial behavior in 7-year-old kids whose mothers had suffered depression during the child’s first five years of life. The greatest risk for problem behaviors occurred in children whose mothers suffered from depression and also showed symptoms of antisocial personality disorder.
A family history of antisocial behavior “accounted for approximately one-third of the observed association between maternal depression and children’s antisocial behavior,” the study authors explained. They say the study findings also suggest a strong environmental component linking exposure to a mother’s depression with behavioral problems in her offspring.
The UK team believe a combination of three factors might explain the association between antisocial behavior in children and depression in mothers:
1.   Depressed women are more likely to have antisocial personality traits related to depression
2.    They are more likely to have children with men who also display antisocial behaviors
3.    Children of depressed mothers may simply be genetically predisposed to antisocial disorders.
-Journal of the American Medical Association
Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec comments on Depressed Moms Raise Risk for Kids Antisocial Behavior:
These two studies show two very important issues about health and wholeness:
1.   Not only physical but mental/emotional conditions are passed generationally.
2.   People entrain to the energy of those around them.
The first study showed that not only are mental/emotional conditions passed generationally but that likelihood intensifies as more generations are affected. This means if your grandmother and mother had depression, you are at an extremely high risk of developing depression, mood and anxiety disorders.
In the second study, it is seen that depressed moms (or could be dads also) tend to have more antisocial behavior as a result of the depression. Children tend to entrain to the energy of their parents. If parents are always happy, seeing the good in things and laugh a lot, the children tend to be that way also. If parents are always negative, pessimistic, depressed and antisocial, chances are high the children will resonant with the same energy.
With this all said, it is important to know that you can heal anything that you have acquired in your lifetime AND anything that has been passed to you generationally. You do not have to remain a product of your past and/or a product of your generations. How do you reverse this? Three primary ways are:
1.    Live the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health everyday of your life.
2.    Renew/reprogram your mind with truth instead of lies.
3.    Do not associate with toxic, negative energy people.
The Seven Basic Steps to Total Health causes the body to heal first the present, then the past and then what was passed generationally.
If your mind is reprogrammed with truth instead of the lies of the world system, then that truth can set you free from your past and the generations that were passed to you. If someone tells you that the house is on fire when in reality it is not, then because you believed the lie it caused the emotion of fear and panic which, as we spoke of previously, causes physical dysfunction and eventual disease. Now if you no not believe the house in on fire, you remain calm, do not secret adrenaline and the body stays in a state of balance. It is your choice of what to believe. Believe truth and it will bring forth health, healing and life. Believe the lies and it will bring forth dysfunction, diseases and death. The choice is always yours to make.
The rule of entrainment states that when two people come together the average person will negatively entrain downward to the low frequency/energy of the person they are with unless they are at a very high frequency themselves. Then they will positively entrain the lower frequency/energy person up to their frequency/energy. What this means is simple. While you are trying to restore or improve you total health, do not spend time being with negative/low energy emotionally toxic people. They will pull your energy down and you will start to be and feel like them. So until you are at a high frequency (shining light) keep to yourself.
God and you heal you and God and you are the company you keep. Besides this anyone else who truly loves you and will die for you (i.e. your spouse or very close family or friends). Remember you are not bound by your past or what has been passed to you if you can break free from the lies of the world-filled, ego-filled, flesh-filled, lie-filled old mind.