Coronavirus worries have gripped our society. People feel helpless to fight against an invisible enemy. But this virus, as all viruses, is no match for a healthy immune system! This virus, any future permutations of it, and all other viruses can and will be handled by the immune system.

Seeing it in action
At the Doherty Institute, in a study published in Nature Medicine, researchers had an opportunity to watch the immune system do its work in a patient who had been admitted to a hospital with COVID-19. She had traveled from a concentrated major hotspot of the virus, so she had been strongly exposed to COVID-19. The patient was in otherwise good health, a non-smoker on no medications, and her symptoms were “mild to moderate”. This is important, because hospitals are naturally focused on severe cases, often where patients have pre-existing health issues and compromised immune systems. This was an opportunity to observe what can and should happen in a properly responding immune system.

Blood samples were taken four times and showed increased antibody-secreting cells, COVID-19 binding IgM and IgG antibodies, and activated CD4 and CD8 cells. COVID-19 was detected up to day 6 of her hospital stay, but by day 7 she was testing negative to the virus. By day 13 she was completely symptom free.

During her hospital stay she received no medication, so her recovery was completely internal. In other words, researchers watched an unmodified, unaided immune system response take on COVID-19 and conquer it.

In a different observational study published in The Lancet, COVID-19 progression was tracked and compared against medical history. One of the study authors stated, “Poorer outcomes in older people may be due, in part, to the age-related weakening of the immune system and increased inflammation that could promote viral replication…” However, even with age, the immune system can be improved. The Journal of Clinical Investigation, in a review of the effect of aging on the immune system, stated “(Caloric restriction) has been reported to have multiple beneficial effects on the immune system…” They noted a number of factors can improve the system and slow or reverse the effects of age.

The miracle we carry within us
Our immune system is pre-wired to adapt to virtually any virus that could ever exist and destroy it. The process does take some time, which is why we want it to have every advantage and be as healthy as possible going into battle.

With our incredible scientific advances, we have been able to break down and map the genome of this coronavirus very quickly. We know much of how it acts. Yet, with all our science, we can only support those who contract the virus for the period of time the immune system needs to recognize, multiply its forces, and attack COVID-19. With all our treatments, the only “win” is that of the immune system.

This has been prepared from the beginning. The immune system has the ability to detect an almost infinite number of virus RNA combinations. That is because our immune cells can break their DNA into segments and readjust those segments to match the signature of the incoming invader. Yes, they are “intelligently” readjusting their own programming to find the correct sequence to match the invader. This is called “natural genetic engineering.”

The gene editing prepares proteins which bind to the foreign virus, which then signals the immune system to make more antibodies which will consume the virus. The determination that COVID-19 is a new virus doesn’t matter — the immune system deals all the time with unexpected invaders and learns from them.

Antibodies on the surface of the cells that engineered them are detected by “B cells” which activate, meaning that they start dividing rapidly to multiply their numbers, and in the process produce more antibodies with the same engineered code. The other cells of the immune system then respond by attacking the virus with the signature that the antibodies are providing. This is the immune system “gearing up” for battle. This is also the exact response that the Doherty Institute observed in their model patient — the various soldiers in the immune system army getting its orders, powering up, and repelling the invading army.

As advanced as we are in science and technology, we can’t provide computer software that is ready to deal with an unknown number of possible unique attacks. We carry a design much greater than anything we can create. We still can’t engineer and mass-produce antibodies like our bodies can —we can merely watch it happen. Everyday we have miracles that are happening within us.

Why staying healthy is vital
To perform properly, the immune system needs to be ready to perform its duties. For optimum response, it must not be:

  • Distracted by other diseases that are diverting its resources. These are the “pre-existing conditions” that you hear about.
  • Slow moving: metabolism should be active, not passive.
  • Malnourished —its cells need to be well supplied
  • Dehydrated —hydration is vital to normal operation
  • Poorly oxygenated —the cells need oxygen to act quickly.
  • Stressed—worry and stress signal the immune system in unhelpful ways.

We may be shut in, but this is not the time to stop exercising, stop eating properly, or stop trying to improve our health. If you have more time now, study the resources Revolution New Medicine has to offer and learn how to bolster your health. You can take immediate steps to improve your health and build your immune system, if you know what to do and what to avoid.

Dr. Nemec’s Comments:
The most important steps to prevent a problem with any virus, no matter how strong it is, are to become healthy, very healthy.

Here is what it DOESN”T look like:

  • Panicking in fear, worrying about yourself, your family, your friends and your future because fear produces stress hormone secretion that causes a suppression of the immune system.
  • Eating wrong food because you are stressed. If there is ever a time to clean up your diet it is now.
  • Eating sugar. Sugar causes direct immune suppression,
  • Not drinking enough water. One of the major reasons people end up in emergency conditions is because they are dehydrated. Drink 32 oz per 50 lbs of body weight per day.
  • Not going to bed early enough and not getting enough sleep. Your body heals most when you are sleeping.
  • Not moving enough. You must move to increase blood and lymph flow so your immune cells can travel to the line of battle quickly.
  • Not staying in the moment. Past and future thinking just causes more stress hormones to inhibit your internal army.

Remember the healthy woman who was monitored in the hospital. She needed no medication and the virus was eradicated in 7 days, and she was back to normal with no symptoms in 13 days.