Growing scientific evidence suggests the most widespread industrial contaminant in drinking water — a solvent used in adhesives, paint and spot removers — can cause cancer in people.

The National Academy of Sciences reported that a lot more is known about the cancer risks and other health hazards from exposure to trichloroethylene (TCE) than there was five years ago when the Environmental Protection Agency took steps to regulate it more strictly.

TCE, which is also widely used to remove grease from metal parts in airplanes and to clean fuel lines at missile sites, is known to cause cancer in some laboratory animals. EPA was blocked from elevating its assessment of the chemical’s risks in people by the Defense Department, Energy Department and NASA, all of which have sites polluted with it.

TCE is a colorless liquid that evaporates at room temperatures and has a somewhat sweet odor and taste. It is one of the most common pollutants found in the air, soil and water at U.S. military bases. Until the mid-1970s, it also was used as a surgical anesthetic.

It also has been found at about 60 percent of the nation’s worst contaminated sites in the Superfund cleanup program, the academy said.

A committee of academy experts said “a large body of epidemiologic data is available” on TCE showing the chemical is a possible cause of kidney cancer, reproductive and developmental damage, impaired neurological function and autoimmune disease.

“The committee found that the evidence on carcinogenic risk and other health hazards from exposure to trichloroethylene has strengthened since 2001,” the report said. “Hundreds of waste sites are contaminated with trichloroethylene, and it is well documented that individuals in many communities are exposed to the chemical, with associated health risks.”
– Associated Press

Dr. Keith and Laurie Nemec’s comments on chemicals in drinking water causes cancer.
What this article showed was the chemical trichloroethylene abbreviated TCE, has been increasingly showing up in water sources and this chemical, is a possible cause of: kidney cancer, reproductive and developmental damage, impaired neurological function and auto immune disease. Important thing to understand is it’s not just one chemical it’s all chemicals. We live in a chemical world now, and all these chemicals are leaking down into the ground water, which is the water that we all draw our source from. So the problem is the more we toxify and pollute the world, the more it increases our risk of all cancer and all diseases. It begins with changing our world, to change the government, to put greater restrictions, and that is a noble task and one that should be undergone. But, on a personal level, what can you do right now that is going to affect the toxicity of the water.

We recommend two things. First of all don’t let regular tap water ever touch your food, don’t let regular tap water ever enter your body, don’t ever shower with regular tap water unless it is filtered.

We recommend for whole house water filtration systems, at least carbon tank on the whole system. This is for all water in the house. We also recommend a two carbon tank system, which not only filters out general chlorine, and general chemicals, but the second type of carbon tank will filter out the more refined chemicals like MTBE gasoline derivative in ground water that is also linked to certain types of cancers.

Another very easy step to take is, and most important, are using a shower filter on the shower, which we recommend the Showerwise unit, because this will filter out a majority of all chlorine that comes through the standard water and other chemicals. Remember in a standard 20 minute shower with hot water, your skin and body absorbs up to 2-3 pounds of water and not only that is going into your body through your skin, but you are also breathing the fumes, the chlorinated vapors which is highly toxic to the body. This can be alleviated with the Showerwise shower system, very easily installed.

Now the other thing is, the most important of all, is the water that you drink. The water that you drink has to be the purest water on the planet, devoid of all chemicals and toxins. The water that we found that fulfills these requirements is steamed distilled post carbon filtered water. The unit which we recommend the Waterwise 8800 unit. What this unit does is not only distills the water, it filters it after distillation. Because even in distilled water, which is the purest water, some volatile organic compounds can make it past the distillation and still be in the water, so with the post carbon filtration is filters our any residual chemical that could have past through the distillation process.

This steamed distilled post carbon filtered water is the purest water that you can drink, and this is the one we recommend not only for detox purposes, but just to keep the body healthy. So, to sum this all up. The water is toxic, you cannot drink it, you cannot bathe with it. You cannot do much with it if it has not gone through some filtration. The highest filtration, of course, has to be for water that we drink. This is the steamed distilled post carbon filter water, but you should have water filters on your showers, and possibly carbon tanks as a whole water system on your house. And remember water is one of the Seven Basic Steps to Total Health