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Total Health Member Call 0018

Dr. Nemec covers the question of how many meals per day to have.  He also shares an awesome manifestation of healing body mind emotions and spirit in a patient in just 1 1/2 weeks who was totally doing everything she was supposed to do for her blood cancer  

Total Health Member Call 0017

Dr. Nemec answers the important question: "if I have tested positive for COVID and I am on the REV program what should I do to help myself? Should I add more supplementation?"  

Total Health Member Call 0016

Dr. Nemec answers the question about if eating one standard American meal hurts you when you are on the program and how much. Also covered is  the question of white blood count and healing. What is normal? What does high mean? What does low mean?  

Total Health Member Call 0015

Dr. Nemec shares a patient’s testimony of how he broke free from his fear of eating garlic. He thought he was allergic to garlic and had very strong symptoms whenever he would eat it but Dr. Nemec told him how to let go of the fear and go forth. He now can do the...

Total Health Member Call 0014

Dr. Nemec shares a patient’s journey of dedication as she overcame uterine cancer on the Revolution New Medicine Program and how she healed and stayed healed. Some important points are shared on how to walk the journey through. Also what to do if you cannot do the...

Total Health Member Call 0013

In this member call Dr. Nemec discusses the power of the living/raw food diet but that healing comes from 7 Basic Steps not one. The hundredfold principle is covered which is so important in healing. Also covered is how to sleep through the night better.

Total Health Member Call 0012

Dr. Nemec presents the question a patient shared: Who am I? We are not who we appear to be we are so much more. There is a mind, will, emotions and body that we have been imprinted with by the environment we grew up in. But is that who we really are? Dr. Nemec also...

Total Health Member Call 0010

In this call Dr. Nemec covers a most critical topic: The thought does not hurt you, only thinking on the thought causes the imbalance. Dr. Nemec covers how to put your focus on who you are and not get distracted by all the thoughts that are just “passing clouds”. If...

Total Health Member Call 0009

Dr. Nemec covers how healing continues always unless you block it by breaking the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health. Dr. Nemec shares the question that a present patient at the Institute had about how his tumors were leaving but then started to grow again. Remember it is...