Cancer stem cells are what drive cancer growth and spread. To heal cancer you must cause the cancer stem cells to differentiate back into normal cells. This can only be accomplished if the proper internal cellular environment is created.  This environment is affected by both physical and mental/emotional factors.  When chemicals are introduced into the body, this makes cancer stem cells produce non-stem cancer cells rapidly. Only when health promoting environment is produced will the cancer stem cells revert back to normal healthy cells.

The key to heal cancer is found in the cancer stem cell. A cancer stem cell is the cell that produces all the other cancer cells that give a malignant tumor it bulk. The majority of these cancer cells are called non-stem cancer cells. Cancer can be analogous to a bee hive. In the hive the queen is responsible for the growth of the hive. If you killed all the bees but left the queen, she would lay more eggs so that more bees would be produced. The queen represents the cancer stem cell and the rest of the bees in the hive would be the non-stem cancer cells.  You will never get rid of the hive until you get rid of the queen. So it is with cancer. Unless you cause the cancer stem cell to differentiate back into a normal cell, no matter how much chemotherapy or radiation you do, no matter how much tumor shrinkage or cancer reduction you achieve, the cancer will return and be even more aggressive, growing faster.

What causes a normal cell to transform into a cancer stem cell? When the chemical or toxin load builds up to a peak level or oxygen levels drop very low, this triggers a survival mechanism in the cells. The toxicology disease model demonstrates that cancer forms when toxicity builds up to the point that it spills over from the blood to the space between the blood and the cells called the extracellular matrix and then finally spills over into the cell itself and enters the nucleus of the cell where the DNA and genetic material are made. When toxins enter into the nucleus the cell has one final attempt to survive, it dedifferentiates into a stem cell to try to adapt to a toxic environment.

Chemotherapy does not kill cancer stem cells only the outer layers of the tumor made up of non-stem cell cancer cells. Normal cells have a survival mechanism to transform into cancer stem cells to adapt to a toxic environment.  When a person does chemotherapy it will cause more cancer cells to be produced in order to survive an even more toxic environment.  The only logical answer to heal cancer would be to decrease the toxic load and naturally support the function of all systems, glands and organs.

Cancer cells should not be seen as a foreign invader that needs to be destroyed. They are your cells that have adapted to survive. To get them to change back into normal cells calls for a change in the internal environment. Cancer cells grow rapidly in high toxins, low oxygen, high sugar and an acidic environment along with certain mental/emotional traumas or shocks. Cancer cells would have no reason reproduce rapidly and spread if this environment was reversed. If you change the environment you can cause the cancer stem cells to revert back into normal cells. This is the first step in healing cancer. Any alternative cancer treatment must understand this basic premise in order to be successful.