Homelessness has been a problem in America throughout its history, but modern homeless tent cities are becoming particularly common. These cities are increasingly accepted in certain cities which have decided that they have no other option. A tent city may actually be started by an organizer/leader, and then other homeless people are attracted to the new community.

Any community requires order, and the tent cities are no exception. There will emerge some leaders that set the rules. And even though the homeless communities have their own society, they are connected to the city where they reside. They may even literally connect by tapping outside water and electrical outlets to run some appliances. Meanwhile, the city government is stymied: the homeless are real people and must be treated as such, yet their communities are not working harmoniously with the city. The environment within the city promotes the tent cities because the homeless don’t have a viable alternative.

Some cities change their environment: they provide real shelter and options for the homeless, making the tent cities less appealing. The environment the city provides affects how and even if these ad hoc homeless tent cities appear.

This is analogous to what happens with cancer, which develops communities, called tumors, when the environment suits them. The rise of tent cities bears a lot of similarities to tumor development, because both are driven by the environment. Your cells are living in community, just like people in a city, and generally they work together and follow certain rules to make the body, or the city, function. But if the environment is not working for some members of the community, whether cells or people, they may go off on their own and build their own community within the community. Your cells — not some invader cells from the outside — are breaking from their community and forming their own, which is still connected to your body but following their own rules, because of the environment created.

Conventional theory says that cancer develops due to DNA mutations which can happen to anyone, and that sometimes those genetic changes become cancerous. Those mutations appear during DNA replication when cells multiply. What this theory misses with this focus on genetics is the much stronger impact of epigenetics on cancer development.

According to the National Cancer Institute, “Up to 10% of all cancers may be caused by inherited genetic changes.” Ten percent at most — that’s it? What are the other 90% caused by? They must be the result of genetic damage or epigenetic changes — those are the only options that are left if genetics are involved with cancer, which they obviously are. In contrast, published in a research article in the Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine is stated, “80–90% of malignant tumors are caused by external environmental factors (carcinogens). Epidemiological studies have proved that the main factors responsible for the development of malignant neoplasia among humans are “environmental factors arising from human behavior.” This review of 64 other related research articles conducted by researchers at the Nutritional Medical University, Lublin, Poland cited exposure to electromagnetic fields, ultraviolet radiation, radiation from diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy, smoking, alcohol usage, household chemicals, diet, lack of physical activity, food carcinogens including nitrosoamines, and infections as prime risk factors for cancer development — and every single one is an environmental factor! Environment is the key to cancer.

It all stems from this…
You started life from stem cells, which are generic cell types that can “differentiate”, or turn into, specialized cell types to form the various organs and tissues of your body, the city of cells which is your body. Cancer cells start from cancer stem cells (CSCs) which are very similar to normal stem cells and have the same purpose: to create a community of cells that form an organism — the tumor is an organism. The CSC is hardy, like the stem cell, and can travel around to find a suitable location to start its community.

Once the CSC creates differentiated cancer cells, the new colony builds its own oxygenation, nutrition, and waste removal system. The community leaders are the CSCs, usually at the center of the colony. CSCs typically are only 1% of the total cancer tumor, but they are the hardest to kill, and they are the only cells that can regenerate malignant cells.

Cancer is normally not favored by the environment of a healthy body. All of us will get cancer queued up in our bodies: gene replication errors occur, or the radiation that is part of our global environment slices the DNA, but those cancer cells don’t compete in a healthy environment. The cancer cell isn’t favored in that environment, and the harmful genetics may never be expressed. If they are, the immune system kills the cancer cell and it dies without ever being noticed. But the less-than-healthy body that is under stress makes a suitable host for the cancer. The perfectly healthy, stress-free body is not going to look into its genetic library for an answer to a poor internal environment, which is when cancer genes might be chosen over those which better serve the cell. A stressed, inflammatory and toxic environment pushes the cells to try something different to survive in the toxicity and that’s when epigenetics, which is the process of the cell test driving different genetic segments from its DNA library, kicks into high gear. Highly stressed cells can accelerate epigenetic DNA searches up to 1000 times normal rate.

Stress, inflammation and toxicity are therefore the preferred environment for cancer development. The cancerous genetic codes appear to the cell as potential answers to dealing with the harsh environment, and it may pick them, which changes the cell’s behavior.

You come at the king, you best not miss
Most conventional cancer treatments use chemicals, radiation, or surgery to attempt to destroy the cancer without killing the patient in the process. Surgery does not usually stimulate the cancer further, but chemotherapy and radiation play right into the CSC’s home turf. Cancer came because of the harsh environment, and these therapies just make the environment harsher.

So, this is the situation: conventional treatment cannot kill cancer stem cells but it will kill the non-stem cancer cells that the cancer stem cells produced so you will have temporary tumor shrinkage, but the same therapy stimulates cancer stem cells to become much more aggressive and make second generation, non-stem cancer cells. Surgery assumes that all the CSCs are localized in that area of original diagnosis but studies have proven by the time you know you have cancer anywhere in your body, you already have cancer stem cells migrated to multiple areas. In order for radiation and chemotherapy to kill 100.00% of the cancer, including every single CSC, it would most definitely kill the patient.

So if you go after the cancer by fighting fire with fire, you are hoping to get all the cancer, or hoping that your immune system can finish the job. But CSCs are good at hiding out and evading capture — in the presence of toxic chemicals, the CSCs can revert to a dormant state, reducing their metabolism significantly and thereby evading chemotherapy. So conventional treatments try to take a shot at the king, but they always fail. That’s not a good situation, because the king can strike back with a vengeance.

Science says…
What does research tell us? First, research confirmed that there really are cancer stem cells and their similarity to normal stem cells. Then it tells us how CSCs operate within the active tumor, metastasis, and in the dormant state. Most importantly it tells us that the CSCs are environmentally driven. In a review article published in Cancers, researchers from the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences for Children & Adults, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy states that the CSCs form “a unique microenvironment that sustains their vital functions.” They promote self-renewal, and this “worsens outcomes with the common oncological treatment as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.” This microenvironment involves stress molecule production — an acidic, low oxygen (hypoxia), high sugar environment. These are the reasons the cancer cells make and sustain tumors.

Even researchers promoting conventional chemotherapy and radiation recognize that conventional therapies improve the environment for cancer to spread. For many patients who do not believe that they can radically change their internal environment enough to reject cancer, or who are unwilling to make major life alterations, these therapies offer a chance to perhaps drive the cancer into remission and add some time to their lives. But making an unhealthy bodily environment with more inflammation and toxins just plays into the CSC’s preferred conditions, so after they go through their DNA library and figure out how to overcome the inflammation and toxins, they come roaring back. That is why some people will say they’ve been cancer free for six months, for a year maybe even five years but then all of a sudden it re-appears in multiple areas in the body with a vengeance. The fact is it never went away because they never changed the environment for it to go away, it was just a matter of time until the cancer stem cells set up new colonies, then those colonies expand to finally make visible tumors on scans.

Whatever your situation, whether currently cancer free or actively fighting advanced cancer, there is hope because cancer is the offspring of its environment, born out of internal inflammation and pollution and driven back by good health. Cleaning up your body’s environment can turn the direction of cancer development, or prevent cancer from activating. There is no downside to improving your health, but it does take effort.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

I want to address these key points about the research:

1. Most cancer is caused by environmental factors arising from human behavior. Let me restate this for you: cancer is caused by your behavior. This means your perception, your beliefs, your attitudes, your chosen pleasures in life. It is your behavior that makes wrong food choices. It is your behavior that chooses to not exercise, and it is your behavior that chooses to go to bed Late in the evening.

2. Highly stressed cells can accelerate epigenetic DNA searches up to 1000 times normal rate — this means the more stress, the more inflammation, and the more toxicity you produce as an environment for the cells of your body. You accelerate the body 1000 times normal rate to search for a different answer than it knows is best. This is gambling, pure and simple, and most people do not come out on top when they force the body to go against what it naturally does so well, which is keep you healthy.

3. There is no such thing as being cancer free permanently. If you make an environment today for cancer to develop, it will. If you make an environment that will not support its development and growth, then it will not. Let’s just restate this: cancer stem cells are your cells — they are not a bacteria, they are not a virus, they are not a parasite, they are not a fungus. They are way more intelligent than all of those. That’s why it is impossible to get rid of the root of cancer with toxic therapies and surgery. This will always be a short-term gain and a long-term loss. This is sometimes necessary when you’re in an emergency situation: the tumor is pressing on a gland or duct or organ that is life-threatening, and at times you have no choice so you take the short-term gain, but you still must be working on the internal environment, at the highest level, at the same time. This is the level we have treated at and instructed for the past 40 years.

Cancer is never gone forever, it just grows when the environment will support it and goes away when that environment is removed, but if you go back to the inflammatory and toxic environment, cancer will develop once again, so we must get it out of our minds that cancer Is a thing that we just have to cut out, kill, remove lymph nodes, do toxic and inflammatory therapies, and expect to live happily ever after. This is a false dream; it is a nightmare. Living in fear every day of “will it ever come back?” This is no life: this produces stress on the system which makes an even more inflammatory environment.

We must change how we see things in order to have a whole new outcome, a whole new you, a whole new life. The old archaic way must leave. This is the belief that the doctor will cut it out, radiate it, chemotherapy it, and then I can go on my merry way and do what I did yesterday and live a great life. No no no, you cannot! The life you live is the life that made the environment for cancer to start in the first place: you must change that life and make a whole new life, a whole new way of thinking, a whole new way of living. This is what we have been doing with our Revolution New Medicine Protocol® — our treatment and teaching programs for the last 40 years. This is the only way to optimum health and to living life to the full.

You cannot live in fear the rest of your life: you have to know that you know that you know that you’ve made an environment in your mind, your emotions, and your body that can never support cancer formation again. Much different than the old school that says I’ll just keep getting my follow-up tests every six months and hope it doesn’t come back: that’s like hoping you win the lottery. It could happen but it’s less than one in 1 million odds, and that’s not how you want to live your life. You were created to be so much more than this. Is it not the time to wake up from the nightmare?

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