Cancer Now the Leading Killer of Americans

Cancer has surpassed heart disease as the leading killer of Americans under the age of 85, according to the American Cancer Society.

In addition, the report projects that there will be 1,372,910 new cases of cancer in the United States this year, and 570,280 deaths.

Rates of cancers linked to too much weight are increasing, reflecting the obesity epidemic spreading throughout America.

About one-third of new cases this year will be due to tobacco use and one-third to poor nutrition, physical inactivity or overweight and obesity.

Lung cancer remains the leading killer, accounting for 31 percent of cancer deaths in men and 27 percent of cancer deaths in women. In men, the top killers are lung, prostate, then colorectal cancer, in that order. For women, breast cancer ranks second for mortality, followed by colorectal.

For women, the most commonly diagnosed is breast cancer, followed by lung and bronchus cancers and then colorectal cancer. For men, the most commonly diagnosed cancers are lung, prostate and colorectal, in that order.
Rates of prostate, breast and thyroid cancer and melanoma are on the rise. Increases in thyroid cancer may be due to improvement in diagnoses or an increase in exposure to medical radiation, such as X-rays
Obese men run a 50 percent greater risk of developing cancer overall, particularly of the liver, pancreas, stomach and esophagus. Obese women face a 70 percent greater risk, particularly cancer of the uterus, kidney, cervix and pancreas.

-CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.


Dr. Keith & Laurie Comments on Cancer Now the Leading Killer of Americans:

This was inevitable because of what we are doing to our environment and our food. The air we breathe is toxic. The water we drink is toxic. The food we eat is toxic if it is animal products which has concentrated the toxins of the environment in their tissues and fat cells. When you eat animal products, you are eating 16 – 1,000x more toxins than eating plant products and organic plant products.

What causes cancer?

Many things but at the top of the list are

  • Toxic air
  • Toxic water
  • Toxic animal products
  • Cooked food
  • Electromagnetic fields radiation and x-ray radiation
  • Sugar in all forms
  • Toxic stored emotions

How can you prevent cancer? Become whole in Spirit, Mind and Body.

The body becomes whole when you live the 7 basic steps to Total Health everyday.

The mind becomes whole when you still the conscious thinking/racing mind, put to death the old lie-filled mind, and when you reprogram the conscious mind with nothing but Truth.

It is critical to overcome the nine strongholds of the old mind to become whole in mind. They are:

  • World
  • False beliefs
  • Religion
  • Flesh
  • Personality
  • Ego
  • 5 senses
  • Time
  • Physicality

The Spirit becomes whole when you enter the covenant relationship with the Living God and when you follow what He puts in your heart every moment. Never quitting, stopping or giving up on what He placed in your heart no matter what the cost, even if it be your very life.