Who are we? What are we? There are two main views in the world that attempt to answer the questions. The first is that there was a “Big Bang” or undirected natural forces came together to eventually develop higher and higher levels of complexity, organization, and function until we developed. The second is that we were created, and that our identity and purpose comes from a higher power. These two views cannot be mixed: either random chance “rolled the dice” across the universe until it made us, fighting the second law of thermodynamics that constantly works toward chaos and degeneration every step of the way, or we are an extension of God. Either the universe always existed, or God always existed, because only nothing (or “no thing”) can come from nothing. We exist because that first cause exists.

If you accept the first view, you must deal with the fact that nature cares nothing for organization and complexity. On a beach, a wave might wash up some sand into an interesting shape, but if it does, the next wave will just as easily wipe it out. Nature shows no sign of having some creative force built into its laws which creates complexity, intelligence, and function. Where there appears to be organization, such as in crystal structures, there is structure but no information. The crystalline structure means nothing: it is just a regular organization of molecules pulled into shape by simple forces.

Nature is ruled by the survival of the fittest. Those who are from God have the heart of love. So there will always be two opposing views: one founded in survival of the self and the other founded on survival of the whole, not the individual.

What is disease? Disease is a malfunction of what should be the normal and good function. Some disease is due to invasion by outside forces, such as a bacterial or viral infection that overwhelms the system with inflammatory byproducts that causes damage. But one disease is very self-centered, because it subverts, twists, and conscripts your very cells into its own self-service: that disease is cancer. We see that cancer is not some random “wave”, but an organism that has intent – just not a good intent.

The nature of cancer
Cancer starts with your own normal cells. The naturalistic view of the world explains cancer as a breakdown of a portion of a cell’s normal function due to DNA damage: the cell now acts in a more primitive, less organized manner because some of its normal operation is shut down. But this view doesn’t have a good explanation for how the cancer forms a multi-function community resembling a new, although rogue, organism.

Cancer is supremely selfish: it will take and take for itself regardless of the harm it is doing to the body. It isn’t simply that every cancer cell is selfish: the pseudo-organism it creates cooperates together to satisfy the colony’s selfishness. And the colony is revved up to high speed as it fights a hostile environment. So what does it do? For one thing, it gulps down sugar about as fast as it can get it, feeding its rapid reproduction and frenzied activity. It actively works on “improving” its home by pumping toxins out of its cells and coordinating with other cancer cells via cell signaling. It is rapidly experimenting with available DNA code segments to learn how to better handle its environment to suit itself. It is intelligent and sophisticated in getting its way.

What do healthy cells do? They work together in the body for the good of all rather than themselves. They obey the ruling signals sent by the body, whether or not in their best interests, and they will even sacrifice themselves when the body determines they should die.

Cancer can corrupt even normal immune system cells. Cancer can signal immune cells to do its bidding instead. Neutrophils and macrophages are specialized immune system cells. Tumor-associated neutrophils (TANs) work to promote metastasis and angiogenesis (building of blood supply) in the tumor. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) work together with cancer cells to break into the bloodstream and spread the cancer. Cancer cells corrupt others through “talking” to them, where they give out chemical signals that tell the immune cells how to behave.

Published in Cancer Research, researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland studied lung cancer tumors and discovered that the TANs in the tumor had a significantly higher amount of the protein “Glut1”, causing them to take in and metabolize glucose at a much faster rate than normal neutrophils outside the tumor. We know that cancer craves sugar and that it consumes glucose at an extreme rate: it’s interesting that the neutrophils that it influenced took on similar glucose-hogging characteristics. Apparently this surprised the researchers. Should it surprise us? The conscripted neutrophils simply took on the character of the other cancer cells that influenced them – they listened to the cancer “voice.”

The Good, the Bad, and the Cancerous
What do you consider to be “good”? Love, joy, peace, patience, self-control — these are on everyone’s list. Selfishness and greed are in the bad category, and they are the very traits that cancer exhibits. What can we do to fight cancer? Basically by choosing the good. Depriving cancer of its glucose requires the self-control of fasting from dietary sugar and foods that readily turn into sugar. Good thoughts — thoughts of truth, love and purpose of life — are vital to fighting cancer. Building up and supporting our good, healthy cells allows them to get the upper hand in the fight. In a very simplistic way, fighting cancer is about choosing the good and rejecting the bad.

Not only does cancer thrive on sugar, but it also thrives on stress and fear. Again we can look to the action of neutrophils. In a study published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers at the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health of the University of Pittsburgh showed that dormant cancer cells would activate from a chain reaction caused by stress: stress hormones caused a rapid release of inflammatory S100A8/A9 proteins by neutrophils, causing an accumulation of oxidized lipids, which boosted the fibroblast growth factor pathway, resulting in active cancer growth. We already know that stress tears down healthy cells and depresses the immune system, but this study found a more direct link between stress and cancer. Cancer “hears” the bad, and it responds.

Is disease such as cancer random mutations in a random world of existence, or is it a manifestation selfishness at a cellular level?

Regardless of the weapons you choose to fight cancer, minimizing the bad — whether that be bad food, toxins, or bad thoughts — and maximizing the good needs to be the core of your defense.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

“What is cancer?” is the question. If you are a biochemist, a molecular biologist, or an immunologist, you will say it is DNA mutations because of inflammatory environmental factors, and you would be correct. So why with this many brilliant minds on the planet have we not solved this problem yet? Why have we not found the medication or chemotherapy or immunotherapy that resets the system and heals the disease? Why? The answer lies in the cause of the problem. If you see cancer as just physical components, as a mix of proteins, nucleic acids, fatty acids and carbohydrate molecules that just became more chaotic — and random chance is the reason — then you will always be hoping and wishing for the next great physical medication discovery that will take care of it. But as we have all seen, no matter what the new medication is, the cancer adapts and reorganizes to overcome the challenges of the new chemicals, so treatments do well initially but then stop working effectively and eventually damage the body even more from the toxicity and side effects. So what is the answer? You must see a bigger picture. The mind controls the body and cells. The molecules themselves are not controlling the show. The mind rules supreme, not the cells. What is a cancer cell? It is a selfish cell. Is there a selfish gene or a selfish chemical that triggered a selfish cell? No, but a self-centered stressed-out mind will send out signals to all the cells of the body which promotes certain ones to lock on to that frequency and become so.

The study published in Cancer Research showed how normal cells become influenced by the cancer cells and become part of their team, taking on their characteristics, taking in more glucose just like the cancer cells do. The University of Pittsburgh showed that stress causes inflammatory proteins to be produced from the neutrophil white blood cells, this then causes fats to oxidize and become free radical-forming, and this then stimulates the growth of cancer cells but not normal cells. So stress stimulates growth. This is why the most important factor in healing cancer or any disease is the mind. But when we say this, most think they need to meditate more or move away and retire. This is not the problem. The problem is subconscious stress and conscious stress programs that you are not even aware of. These hidden programs are causing stress hormones and signaling molecules to be secreted 24/7/365. You will have a hard time healing and especially staying healed without addressing these primary causes. This is the core of our program. This is why 3D Brain Imaging, Brain Mapping and Heart Brain Entrainment Therapy are foundational in our program and have enabled us to help so many to heal. You must address the mind and the body, not just the body. The cells receive their information from the brain and the brain is the interface between the mind and the body. So remember, you can choose the model that sees everything random and self-driven, or you can see everything from a higher perspective like love, truth and life purpose. You choose, but remember that no choice always defaults into randomness and chaos.

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