Over the last 33 years we have had people from around the world come to Total Health Institute to seek healing for their health challenges. People ask us can you heal me from stage 4 cancer? Our response is the same every time. No one can heal you but YOU. We at Total Health Institute make and environment where that healing can occur but it is what you do every day physically and what you think on mentally and emotionally that makes the difference of who is going to heal and who is not. Do not seek the magic bullet, the cure for cancer, the clinic that can heal cancer, the doctor that can do it for you.

As the Word of God says “Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well”. Where IS His Kingdom found? In your Holy Spirit filled heart. You have all the answers within you and all the power within you to heal from any disease but you will not access this if you live from your fear and doubt filled mind instead of your Truth filled heart. Everyone who was ever healed by Jesus came to Him in faith meaning they trusted what He said was True. You cannot be double minded meaning half in your mind and half in your heart when it comes to healing. This is lukewarm and nothing will come from this. At Total Health Institute, we address the whole person. We first do physical treatments to balance the systems of the body. Next, we address the mental and emotional blockages because those impact health even more than the physical blockages. If the physical body is balanced and the mind, will and emotions are balanced then the Spirit can flow freely and give life your body. This is called healing or wholeness.

Now we will ask you a question. Can YOU heal from stage 4 cancer? Barbara did and so can you if you follow the steps we outlined above. Listen to her testimony go to https://www.revolutionnewmedicine.com/testimo…/barbara-mcneil/