In this day and age we see fear, hatred, anger, violence, war, disease at epidemic proportions in the world. In a world with so much darkness, so much pain and suffering, is there any hope that it can all change and be the world God created it to be?   Can the world be changed and be ruled by love, joy, peace and hope? The answer can be found in the scientific phenomenon called entrainment. It states that when two objects are placed together the presence of each other one will resonate with the other and match its frequency. This means if pendulum clocks are put together, in a short time they will resonate with each other and chime together. The same happens when women live together in a group setting. They will start to have their menstrual cycle at the same time. This is the effect of entrainment.

How does entrainment affect you and the world around you? Simply by this—there are two types of entrainment. They are positive and negative entrainments. Positive entrainment is demonstrated when a very positive, joyful, peaceful, loving person is put into a group of normal frequency people. What will happen is that one joyful person will raise the frequency of everyone in the group so the group as a whole becomes more positive, more joyful, peaceful and loving.

On the other hand, if you put a negative, depressed, pessimistic person in a group of normal people, that one person will negatively entrain the whole group in such a way that they will all start to become more negative, feel more depressed and become more pessimistic.

What does all this mean to you? It means that 80% of the world is normal and at a frequency that will raise up to the 2% that are positive, peaceful, joyful and loving or lower to the 18% that are negative, depressed, or pessimistic depending on the company they keep and most of the time it is the wrong frequency of the one bad apple (18%) that spoils the whole bunch (80%).

What can you do?

You have a choice in everything that comes your way in your life. Your choice is to see the good in it, see God in it, or you can choose to see the bad in it. If you see good in everything, then you are on your way to being the 2% that can positively entrain the world around you. If you see the negative side of things, you already are the 18% that is negatively entraining the world around you. If you see the world around you good at times and not so good at others, you are in the 80% group that will always be swayed/entrained by the other 2% or 18%.

How can you become one of the 2% that will upwardly entrain the world to a higher level of joy, peace and love?

The most important steps are inward. Change yourself and you will change the world around you. Heal yourself and you will heal the world around you. If you want to help your children to be all that God created them to be then work intensely on your total health and wholeness because the more balanced and unblocked you become in body, mind and emotions, the higher you will raise your frequency and the more HIS love and light will shine through you to positively entrain your spouse, your children, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your world, and the entire world.

How do you begin?

Health and healing flow from spirit to mind to body but they can be accessed from body to mind to spirit. This is done with the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health.

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Sleep/sun
  5. Exercise
  6. Fasting/detoxing
  7. Prayer/stillness
  1. Air-you must deep diaphragm breathing to oxygenate your body.
  2. Water-you must drink 32 ounces of distilled water per 50/lbs per body weight per day.
  3. Food-you consume a diet of living/raw plant food which has the highest energy, bioelectricity, enzymes and bioavailable nutrient content to either maintain or restore your health.
  4. Sleep-you must sleep 9.5 hours with 3.5 of them before midnight.
  5. Exercise-you must exercise 30 minutes every day.
  6. Fasting-you must fast from the normal Standard American Diet (SAD).
  7. Prayer-you must take the time throughout your day to regularly still your mind so you can hear the voice of God spoken into your heart.

Once you make these a daily routine, then your physical body will start to turn back on and you will have more energy, more vitality. Once you have more energy and you can do your daily activities without drain, the surplus energy goes upward to heal and release the stored mental/emotional toxins. As these release more and more you begin to experience more and more of HIS love, joy and peace as you become a purer vessel that HIS love, joy, and peace can flow through. His Spirit will flow into your spirit, your mind and emotions and into your body. You are now the true light of the world that will entrain the world to the highest frequency of His love, His joy, His peace and His hope.

Mother Theresa raised the world’s frequency when she unconditionally loved the sick and dying. You can do the same to your family, your world if you begin to balance yourself in body, mind and spirit.