I just saw a patient I’ve been treating for four years. Her original diagnosis was breast cancer and she did not want to do conventional treatment but wanted her body to heal naturally. So she came to Revolution New Medicine to start on our comprehensive teaching and treatment program. She made the diet and lifestyle changes that were recommended. She came in for all the schedule treatments and follow-up treatments and over the months completely transformed. Her weight dropped to what it was in high school she looked tremendous and felt even better. Her comments were “this keeps growing on you, the more you do it the more you want to do it because you like the new you, you like the way you feel you like the way you look.”  What she also shared with me was that “you have to do everything you can’t leave out any pieces because if you do you won’t get the results”. And not only did she do all the pieces but all the pieces became natural to her as the months went on. Now it’s just like riding a bike, she does it effortlessly because it’s now in her. These are the people that heal and stay healed because the new life that they’ve learned to live has become their only life.