Superstition — for some reason we seem to be drawn to our own little beliefs that certain lucky or unlucky actions will affect our lives. We say that superstitions are silly, that we believe in science, and that we are beyond such silly things. Yet, we still tend to do things to “give us good luck.” When pressed, we admit these little actions really don’t change any results, yet we still tend to do them. How does such apparently irrational behavior come about?

The way we learn is actually quite complex. When we do something, and a certain result follows, we attribute that action with the result for future events as well. This is part of the process of making sense out of the new world we have entered and determining what we can do to shape our world. If we learn early in life a cause and effect relationship, it tends to stay with us. Later in life we may see evidence that the cause and effect relationship is false, but we now have that pattern ingrained in our thinking. Facts may not support that thinking, but we for some reason don’t want to bother changing the pattern.

In one study published by Elsevier, researchers at the Department of Biology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada studied this learning process in depth. They determined certain steps occur in the process. First, we attempt to determine if a given action is related to a given outcome. At some point we’ve made the connection, and whether we change that later depends upon cost: the cost of re-examining the belief, and the potential cost of not performing the action. If we believe, for instance, that crossing our fingers makes something we want more likely to happen, the cost of finger crossing is very low. If we had not crossed our fingers and something particularly bad happened, we get the message that the cost of skipping the finger crossing is high. We are constantly learning, but early learning has the highest impact, so many perceptions and habits may carry forward from our early years, and we never re-evaluated and threw away the superstition.

We are always forming associations in our brains, associating cause and effect so we recognize them later. We start expecting certain results from things we do. Sometimes we get our “wires crossed”: we may not call it superstition, but it is influencing our behavior in illogical ways. We can believe that it’s ok to keep eating the standard American diet — nothing bad has happened yet so we are exceptions to the rules. We can deny what is right in front of us. The cost of making the effort to change is higher than we want to pay.

Brain Associations
Neurons in your brain work together to send electrical impulses. These synchronized pulses produce electromagnetic (EMF) waves which are weak but still can be picked up by sensors. Your brain has many components, or compartments, and sensors can detect activity in those compartments by measuring local brainwaves. Brainwaves are generated at different frequencies, or speeds at which the waveforms go through their full cycle. Deep sleep generates the lowest frequency waves, and higher thought generates the higher frequencies. So as your brain speeds up, so does the frequencies that it generates.

As you are actively forming associations in your brain, EMF waves are generated, and are also generated when you evaluate those associations or act upon them. Any coordinated neuron firing generates brainwaves. Interestingly, the highest frequency brainwaves detectable (gamma waves), most present in the “high virtue” thoughts of love and altruism, have a faster frequency than can be explained by neuronal firing. Could there be a spiritual connection here? Just a thought….

When Waves Collide
Wavelength is the opposite of frequency. Wavelength measures the length of time from the start of one cycle to the start of the next cycle. Longer time between these cycle peaks means slower frequency. If they are in sync, that is, reaching the peak of their cycles at the same time, those peaks amplify each other. This is called a constructive interaction. When one is at a high point when the other is at a low, they cancel each other and this is called destructive interaction. It is possible to have two equal waveforms at the same frequency but completely opposite in phase cancel each other out completely — this is the idea behind “noise cancelling headphones.” When two waves of nearly the same frequency are present together, the waves are constructive or destructive for longer periods of time. When frequencies are far apart between two waveforms, they hardly affect each other because they spend very little time amplifying or cancelling one another. This is the “tuning” process, where one frequency can be distinguished from another. For instance, both eyes and ears convert external waves into electrical impulses for your brain to evaluate, but each is tuned to a different range of frequencies: shining a light in your ear is about as noticeable to your brain as speaking into your eye. We have no known radio frequency sensors in our body so we are unaware of radio waves, yet they are all around us.

EMF Cell Communication
We have isolated the chemical and ion/electrical processes involved in cell to cell signaling, and some researchers believe these are the only methods of cellular communication, but various studies have been done over a few decades that suggest that EMF is also a viable form of communication. Certain biochemical processes give off EMF frequencies — light in particular.

Classical research into EMF cell interaction involved setting cultures in stacked Petri dishes, so each dish was in close contact yet had a physical barrier between cultures. These experiments showed strong correlation of growth rates, genetic expression and other measurable parameters between the cultures. This correlation would disappear when a metal barrier was inserted between the Petri dishes. In a study attempting to clarify these experiments, published in Cell Communication and Signaling, researchers at the Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic took the experiments further. They limited external EMF interference to reduce the “noise” (interference) in an extremely dark room and verified that cell coordination was still occurring between the cultures. While they suspected light as the cell communication medium, they did not rule out other EMF possibilities. The evidence indicates that some EMF communication was occurring, and that the EMF levels were very low and easily disrupted by interference.

Clear the roadblock
Brainwaves are a window to how the brain is operating at any given moment. Changes in brainwaves show changes in the type of thoughts occurring and the activity of various compartments of the brain. These reflect the signaling that the brain is sending to the rest of the body. And there is likely direct cellular communication, especially locally where the waves are strongest. Interference by external EMF causes noise, which can alternately reinforce and negate the brainwaves.

Consider blockages within the brain — engrained thought patterns that are harmful and hard to overcome, inability to think clearly, or haunting “tapes” coming from your past. External waves directly applied can help clear the blockage improve brain function. They can stimulate areas of the brain that are inactive, and calm areas that are overactive. Proper application is key because the brain is quite sensitive.

Many of us have some mental imbalance, and most of us have some mental blockages, even though we probably aren’t aware of them. The National Alliance of Mental Illness states that 1 out of 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness. As mental stress is a precursor to many diseases, the majority of us with some mental issues, even though not considered mental illness, could still profit from proper therapy. One mental disorder, even though it seems minor, is what is called “credit assignment.” Superstitions and incorrect cause-and-effect associations are credit assignments, where we credit the wrong cause with an effect. In an animal study published in Science Advances, researchers used low intensity trans-cranial stimulation to change the credit assignment process. Credit assignment was successfully influenced by this application, suggesting that this technique could be used to influence the action/reward assignment process.

This research showed that EMF waves could supersede mind blockages by presenting competition to the brain-produced waves. This means that targeted wave therapies can be used to shift and balance brain activity. Research also shows that EMF “noise” can interfere with the brain and the entire body — especially important in our modern era of EMFs everywhere.

And one study showed that we act or don’t act because of the perceived cost of our action or inaction. If you are not working on your health, you don’t perceive the value of that effort to be high enough to overcome your personal cost of making the effort. We naturally take the path that seems easy to us. But people in America and throughout the world are paying the cost of taking the easy path. If you get a severe disease diagnosis, suddenly you realize the stakes are very high and the cost of inaction is unacceptable. Better not to wait that long — the cost of inaction is very high whether you believe it or not, and the health benefits are worth the effort.

Dr. Nemec’s Review

Everything in our world is made of frequencies, and the most important two are frequencies of thought and frequencies of the brain — which actually are interconnected. So if we look at frequencies like waves, then each thought, emotion and action you perform is a specific frequency. The beauty of this is that you can measure these specific frequencies in the brain with advanced 3D brain imaging and mapping along with measuring the frequencies at the cellular level. This means what you think makes a unique frequency and these frequencies, like waves on the pond, resonant all the way down to the cellular levels. What does that mean? Your cells are directly influenced by your thoughts and your thoughts are directly influenced by the environment. Subconscious thought programs were developed ages 0-6 whereas conscious thought programs developed ages 6 and up. All these programs make frequency waves and all these frequencies communicate to the cells what to do. Should the cell gear up for sympathetic stress, the signaling would mean to make more stress hormones, shut off parts of the immune system, and increase glucose in the blood to fuel your muscles to run and fight against the stress. On the other hand, the messages from the mind’s subconscious program could have been love and peace which would send out brain and cell frequencies to decrease energy, conserve and work on health, healing, maintenance and repair. This is the longevity model.

So whether you grow a tumor or live to be a 100 greatly depends on the mind, brain, and cellular frequencies being emitted from past programming of the environment. Does this mean you are a victim of your past? No, not at all. Over the last 38 years that we have been researching the mind, brain, body connection we have developed a protocol to release both subconscious and conscious programming and have confirmed the release on the 3D brain imaging and the cellular level frequencies.

Just remember all things are possible for those who believe. Believe what? The truth that has been spoken to their hearts, their spirits, instead of the environmental programming in their minds and brains. But it is still necessary to release these programs, otherwise they will keep giving stress messages to the cells causing disease instead of health.

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