A kennel owner had a champion purebred dog that he was planning to sell at about $10,000. Then he decided to hold a raffle instead, and sold 200 tickets at $100 each, raising $20,000. There was just one problem: the dog died before the raffle ended. How did he approach this situation? He knew the raffle losers were not getting anything anyway, but I took good care of the winner by refunded her twice the price she paid for her ticket.

This is an example of a “loophole”. We all too often play this game with chemotherapy: we try to rob cancer of what it needs to grow by blocking some metabolic pathway. Eventually, we find we robbed the whole body of what it needed to live in a healthy manner, while the cancer finds another way to grow. It finds the loophole, while the rest of the body is left worse off. Each metabolic pathway we attempt to disrupt has value and purpose in the body, and blocking the pathway blocks something that the body needs. Initially, the cancer is affected as well, but it finds a new way to get what it needs. When it does, the weakened body is less able to handle the onslaught of cancer than it was before. Cancer comes roaring back, with little to stand in its way. We think we’ve won some victory over cancer, but it has actually outsmarted us.

The promise of chemotherapy to let us “live longer” is like the raffle winner getting back twice her ticket price. It’s not a real win. We didn’t destroy the cancer.

Special communication
When cancer forms a tumor, it forms a colony of similar cells which can easily communicate with each other because of their close proximity. When cancer figures out an effective pathway to promote growth, it can quickly tell its neighbors to do likewise. This means very efficient and powerful communication within the tumor. Imagine two kids in a classroom who are determined to act up, and they are seated right next to each other. The teacher is alert and stops them whispering to each other. So when the teacher isn’t looking, they make hand gestures or pass notes to each other. When they are close together, completely stopping communication between them is very difficult because they can figure out so many ways to communicate.

Research conducted the University College London studied bowel cancer and isolated 28 different signaling molecules in 6 different types of cancer cells. They did this by creating “organoids”, laboratory-grown from stem cells that are differentiated into a mix of immune cells and connective tissue cells with cancer cells added. They were able to then use heavy metal ions bound to antibodies to observe cellular signaling, along with mass cytometry, which is a technique to detect and analyze proteins (signaling molecules are proteins). They saw that cancer developed unique signals that could interact with the immune system to help the cancer escape detection and grow unimpeded.

GIST the facts
A study published in Oncogene, by researchers at the University of California, researched gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs). The study summary states, “GIST cannot be cured by drugs alone, and targeted therapies are only modestly effective, with a high rate of drug resistance.” Current drug therapies target certain signal receptors on the GIST cells that promote growth. That technique fails within 20 months as the cancer finds a new way to promote its growth.

What the researchers found was that cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) can talk to GIST cells to promote growth as well through the production of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF). As the direct signal pathways are blocked for the cancer, this pathway kicks in. The researchers were excited that they might block this pathway as well with combination drug therapies. If they do, what is the next pathway the cancer will find, and what does blocking PDGF do to the rest of the body? So the raffle ticket winner gets three times her purchase price instead of twice — that still isn’t a win!

Lane closed ahead
PDGF is very active in organ development as the baby develops in the womb, which makes sense because its prime functions are to promote growth and differentiation of the cells into specific types. These functions are happening rapidly in early life. However, in adults PDGF stimulates wound healing and maintenance of connective tissue. So, blocking this pathway is going to cause “traffic jams” in normal body functions. This is true when any normal metabolic pathway is blocked by drugs. And while the body depends on normal pathway functions, cancer has a “map app” with GPS that can reroute traffic many different directions.

Cancer is much more aggressive at looking for alternate routes/pathways than normal cells. It is in a hyper-growth state already, and it grew out of an environment of stress. This environment caused its genetic expression to search for pathways that would allow it to grow and thrive in that environment. It has access to all the metabolic pathways of your body, as it came from your normal cells in the first place. Even if you managed to shut down all the pathways that it could use, you’d first manage to shut down your entire body.

Cancer is already ahead of the game when it comes to dealing with toxins and stress. That’s the environment it grew from and it is well conditioned to deal with more. It is actively shifting its genetic expression to deal with toxins and stress. When obvious pathways are blocked, it rapidly goes out looking for alternatives, and PDGF is one it can pervert readily since it is all about growth.

Set the levels
In a healthy body, PDGFs are made available when needed, just like the other signaling systems in the body. As an adult, you aren’t growing a lot. In the dance that occurs between normal and abnormal growth, the internal environment that you promote makes a huge difference in what signals are being sent and how loudly. PDGFs should be at an appropriate level for the “growing” that you are doing, which should be more maintenance than growth as an adult. One of the possible dangers of human growth hormone (a popular supplement) or growth hormones in animal products in someone’s diet is the “grow!” signal that is produced. The stable adult body is not needing a lot of growth. Trying to force growth with a hormone because of a promise that it will promote muscle growth or some other supposed health advantage is risky, as potential cancer cells also get the message.

This goes for all hormones and body signaling. If you have cancerous cells in your body, as happens more times than you likely realize, those cells are listening to the signals passing through your body. While those cancer cells that often develop are usually destroyed by your body’s immune system, you don’t want them getting a boost by growth signaling. Keeping the signals in balance makes a big difference in whether those cancerous cells can get a foothold.

Win the raffle
Your goal is not just to slow cancer, but to reverse it. An aggressive campaign to balance your body and get an appropriate environment is key. Don’t just settle for a nice bonus refund from your chemotherapy raffle ticket. Go for the true win!

Dr. Nemec’s Comments:
What promotes signaling and communication between cells? Information coming from the environment to tell those cells what to do to survive and thrive. How does that information get to those cells? Through protein signals secreted by the nervous system. Communication also comes via electromagnetic frequencies very similar to your cell phone communicating with other cell phones. Where are those electromagnetic frequencies generated from? The brain. Where are those protein signals that come from the nervous system generated from? The brain. What is the brain? It is the most important organ in the body, which transforms thoughts of the mind into messages in the body. So if the mind controls the brain and the brain controls the signaling and communications to the body, then where is the message of growth coming from? The mind and brain. Sherlock, you have solved the mystery! So how can you block a pathway when the message coming from the higher centers are still broadcasting the growth message? The only way to heal any disease is to change the messages being sent from the source, never trying to heal at the effect, which is a very temporary measure because the mind and brain are still commanding growth. How do you affect the mind and the brain? This is where we have focused our research for over the last 37 years at Revolution New Medicine. We started with CT scans, progressed to brain mapping, and then into 3D brain imaging to not only find the conscious and subconscious wrong messages but then develop a physical treatment to rewrite the messages. This is why complete healing from any disease will not ever occur until you heal the mind and the brain that is talking to the body. Everything else is at most temporary improvement for a season — if that.

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