This life we live is a journey—the journey of life. One of the most important aspects of this journey of life is to BE PREPARED. What does this mean? It means do everything that has been shown to you (revealed to your heart) to be ready for what could happen along the path.

This journey sometimes is an upward climb, even a mountain climb, as we overcome the obstacles put into our paths. Each journey in life is unique to that person. No two people have the same journey. If two people have the same diagnosis of cancer does this mean that they have the same path, the same journey? Absolutely not! They might have the same effect (the cancer) but entirely different causes. One might be a product of stored emotional toxins of fear, while another might be because of physical toxin exposure of repeated smoking. No two journeys are alike but in each there are obstacles to overcome in order to live a victorious life—a life to the full. So, how can you possibly prepare for the unknown journey of life?

This preparation is three fold.

  • Prepare your body
  • Prepare you mind
  • Prepare your heart

To prepare your body is to learn how to maintain it. This is similar to having a new car and reading in the owner’s manual the maintenance schedule. If you maintain the vehicle properly, you will have years of trouble free performance. What is your physical maintenance schedule?

The Seven Basic Steps to Total Health

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Sleep/Light
  5. Exercise
  6. Fasting
  7. Prayer

1. Air-you must deep diaphragm breathing to oxygenate your body.
2. Water-you must drink 32 ounces of purified water per 50/lbs per body weight per day.
3. Food-you consume a diet of living/raw plant food which has the highest energy, bioelectricity, enzymes and bioavailable nutrient content to either maintain or restore your health.
4. Sleep-you must sleep 8-9.5 hours with 3.5 of them before midnight.
5. Exercise-you must exercise 30 minutes every day.
6. Fasting-you must fast from the normal Standard American Diet (SAD).
7. Prayer-you must take the time throughout your day to regularly still your mind so you can hear the voice of God spoken into your heart.

How do you prepare your mind for the journey of life? Is it by trying to learn about everything, about studying, acquiring knowledge about the millions of facets of life? Well, it could be but if that were the answer then the most successful sojourners in life would be the smartest, and this is definitely not the case. So, how do you prepare your mind? There are 3 ways that are critical to the journey of life.

Prepare your mind by:

  • Programming it with Truth
  • Letting go of the lies
  • Get to know the One who has the answers to every question

To reprogram your mind with Truth is simply to see everything in your life as God sees it. Know that God is in everything, and everything is designed to strengthen you in your journey so that you become complete, mature, not lacking anything, also know that God is faithful; He will not let you be tested beyond what you can bear. But when you are tested, He will also provide a way out (up) so that you can stand up under it. The way out is the way up to the top of the mountain. When you reach the top of the mountain of your health or life challenge that is where you find victory and freedom.

To let go of lies is simply to let go of the old stored programs. You know what they are. The lies that say:

“you’re not good enough,”

“not smart enough,”

“not beautiful enough,”

“not talented enough,” and

“not loveable enough.”

The lie always judges and condemns you. You do have a freewill choice in everything that comes into your life. The choice is to either hold onto or to let go of lies. You can and will make the right choice when you let go of the old lie-filled mind which condemns you and tells you all that you are not, (and also that causes you to condemn and judge others); and grab onto the new Truth-filled mind filled with the thoughts that lift you up and tell you all that you ARE!

In this life journey, the most important person to know is the One who knows all things, the One who has all the answers to all the questions. The more time you spend with your travel guide (the Spirit of God), the more you come to know Him and His language which is a soft, quiet voice spoken like the drops on a still pond. Once you know your travel guide well, once you can listen to and understand His language, your journey becomes a truly beautiful experience. At every turn with every obstacle, He directs you, guides you, leads you and empowers you. This is true life—and without this, there is no life.

The last area to prepare for the journey is your heart. This is the most powerful and crucial preparation of all. To prepare your heart is to remove all the blockages of the heart which are the stronghold of the old mind. The old thoughts are the lies of our past that keep us in bondage at the present and prevent us from preparing and listening to our hearts. Always remember the mind is like a raging ocean of thoughts whereas the heart is like a quiet pond. To hear the voice of your travel guide (the Spirit of God) you must still the raging ocean of thoughts. Be still and know that I AM God.

Two of the most powerful steps in preparing your heart is to stop condemning and judging both yourself and others. The pure heart has been coated with layers of thoughts and attitudes of the lying old mind. One of the first steps in removing these layers is to stop pointing your finger at yourself and at others. Once you can break free from this and you begin to accept yourself and others for who you/they are, you have taken a quantum leap into preparing your heart.

When it comes to preparing your heart all you have to do is defeat the strongholds of the mind, which are:

  • World
  • Religion
  • False Beliefs
  • Personality
  • Ego
  • Flesh
  • 5 Senses
  • Time
  • Physicality

Once you have put to death the old mind in these nine areas, your heart is prepared to receive the Truth each and every moment. Remember, you prepare each moment by:

  • Stilling the conscious thinking, racing mind.
  • Reprogramming/renewing the conscious thinking mind with nothing but Truth.
  • Killing or putting to death the old lie-filled mind.
  • Operating in the mind of God.

When you follow your heart and listen to God’s voice spoken into your prepared heart, you “know all things.” God will tell you everything you need to know about the journey if you just prepare your body, mind and heart. If you only think on what God has placed in your heart, not what the world system has put in your mind, you are prepared for the awesome journey called life.

Be prepared for each moment by taking care of your:

BODY with the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health

MIND by stilling, reprogramming and putting to death the old and by listening to our heart and “knowing all things.”

HEART by progressively having the victory over (putting to death) the blockages of the heart which are like strongholds of the old mind, and, always by spending all your time with your travel guide (the Spirit of God) so you will know all things and this knowing all things is knowing the Truth that will set you free each and every moment of the journey.


Practical Steps to Take

How to prepare my body with the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health?

Get up early and go to bed early. Sleep research has shown that a person that goes to bed before 9 p.m. and wakes up no later than 6 a.m. has the strongest immune system, the most balanced hormonal system, energy, strength and vitality.

The other reason you should go to bed early is because night time is flesh time. When do you usually eat wrong foods, watch TV, and feed the flesh? It is after 8 p.m. You do not usually think about eating and watching TV at 6 a.m. in the morning.

The morning is a powerful time to commune with God, to still your conscious, thinking mind, to reprogram your conscious mind, to take care of your body with proper living/raw plant food and exercise.

So get to bed early, wake up early and be prepared in body, mind and heart/spirit for your day. When you do, you will never have another bad day in your life. Why, because you are so built up, filled up that you can just ride the wave of that energy throughout the whole day. It is an awesome thing to always have a great day. So be prepared, be ready and have an awesome journey of life.