Psychic spoon bending is a hoax that never quite goes away. Although some trickery was always required to bend spoons by force of will, people still claim that it can legitimately be done, as well as other psychic tricks where the mind is supposedly able to manipulate matter. Why do these ideas persist? Perhaps it is because the brain gives off brainwaves which are electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and that EMFs can interact with material objects. Putting those two facts together might make someone think that brainwaves could bend spoons.

What is not a hoax, but is being done now with modern technology, is to turn thoughts into physical actions for paralyzed individuals using brain micro-electrodes, lots of computing power, and robotic arms. To pick up the brain signals, the electrodes are placed on or in the brain. Electrical signals in the brain are very weak, but these electrodes can pick them up and amplify them.

Brain cells firing together create brainwaves, which are EMFs. EMFs in turn interact with matter. EMFs exert force when the matter that they contact absorbs them rather than letting them pass through. The possibilities of treating maladies of the body with complex EMFs are just now being discovered and actively utilized in therapies. The biggest roadblock isn’t that EMFs can exert force on matter — obviously they can. We use microwaves to heat food, we have light powered spinner toys — EMFs are radiational energy that can convert to kinetic or motional energy. No, the main roadblock to using EMFs in treatment is precision. And that problem is being conquered through specific frequency simultaneous EMFs.

186,000 miles per second: not just a good idea, it’s the Law
What is matter anyway? At the tiniest level, matter has characteristics of energy. In fact, there is a relationship between the two such that matter can convert to energy. Einstein gave us the formula e=mc², where e is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light. The speed of light is a large number, and it gets squared, meaning that a tiny mass multiplied by the squared speed of light equals a large amount of energy. Conversely, it would take an enormous amount of energy to create a little matter, working the formula the other way.

When EMFs interact with atoms, they push the orbiting electrons into a higher orbit, with is a higher energy state. This process happens when the photons, which make up the EMFs, collide with the electron orbit and get absorbed. The photon energy moves to the electron orbit. When the electron drops back down to a lower orbit, energy is released. When the photons do not interact with atoms, they pass through instead of being absorbed. It is when absorption occurs that energy is transferred from an EMF photon to something.

It’s no matter
You could consider matter as concentrated, stable energy. It should not be surprising that energy would react with matter. There is evidence that all material is energy, that matter is just a special form of energy. When an EMF comes into contact with matter, it may impart energy to that matter which can translate to different types of energy such as heat, motion, or changes in chemical bonding. This is where the potential for EMF-based therapy comes in.

But how can we control the EMF interactions? Some EMFs are generally valuable for therapy because they enhance EMFs produced by the body. But what if you want to impact certain cells in the body with EMF therapy and not others? As we are discovering, properties of EMFs allow precision manipulation of cells without direct physical contact. That is the type of precision that is unavailable with drug medications, which have side-effects because they impact the whole body and not just desired cells. So what are the characteristics of EMFs?

Beam me up
An EMF has a magnetic field that runs at right angles to its electrical field, and a direction of travel that runs at right angles to both. It has a certain frequency, which is the inverse of its wavelength. And it has characteristics that allow for precision control in therapies: polarization, harmonic interaction, and in the case of a laser beam, coherency.

You’ve experienced EMF polarization, whether it be a radio or TV antenna, polarized sunglasses, or computer glare screens, EMFs have a polarization such that the receiving medium, such as an antenna, requires the same geometric orientation as the EMF waveform. Polarization allows filtering of the waveform by a medium that has a different polarization, effectively blocking the EMF from passing.

Harmonic interaction happens when two frequencies combine. The waveforms develop two additional frequencies besides the originals: one that is the sum of the original frequencies, and one that is the difference between the two. If the original frequencies are very close together, they can enhance or cancel each other, depending on whether the waveforms are at a similar point in their cycles (in phase) or at opposing points (out of phase). Waveforms of the identical frequency but opposite cycles cancel each other out, and if they are of the same amplitude, the cancelation is perfect.

Coherence means that the EMFs travel together, rather than fanning out in all directions. A regular light beam is not very coherent. Perfect coherence, such as in a laser beam, requires the EMFs be of the same frequency, same point in their waveform cycle (in phase), and same polarization. This coherence concentrates the energy of the light into a tight beam so that even over long distances, the light strikes the same place in the target of the beam. This allows for an excellent energy transfer from one point to another.

These aspects of EMFs — polarization, waveform interaction, and potential coherence — make them particularly useful in therapies. They can be focused enough to be used as precision tools inside the body without surgery, and to provide detailed diagnostic information. Published in Nature Materials, medical scientists and mechanical engineers at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina report on successful use of a new medical tool that uses harmonic frequencies of aimed EMFs, some at right angles to others, to manipulate interactions between cells. The complex interaction of these waveforms as they intersect inside the body produces “acoustic tweezers” that can focus therapy in specific areas and study cellular interaction. The complexity of the EMFs used is comparable to a full symphony in action. EMFs offer an infinite set of possibilities as the combination of EMF interactions are limitless.

Some current therapies
“Energy medicine” — therapies with magnets, electric current, and varying magnetic fields have been part of medical practice for a long time, but they were always limited. EMF therapies are causing excitement in modern medicine because of their limitless potential. EMF treatments are being developed today for treatment of epilepsy, pain, and many inflammatory diseases, taking over the role of drugs and surgery. Toxic drugs affect the whole body with “side-effects”, harming the whole while treating a portion. Surgery removes more than just the target and involves first cutting into the body. EMF therapies that are non-specific work with natural EMFs so that they benefit all the cells affected. Specific EMF therapies can be more precise and less invasive because they can be finely tuned.

Since inflammation is at the root of most chronic diseases and especially cancer, the potential for EMF therapy to deal with inflammation is particularly important. Published in Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation, researchers at the Terre Haute Center for Medical Education, Indiana University School of Medicine found 60 Hz EMF therapy could induce a 20% average increase in anti-CD3 binding to T-cell receptors of a certain T-lymphocyte cell line — in simple terms, this is anti-inflammatory. Other studies also show anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing aspects of various EMF therapies.

There are EMF therapies to induce bone healing, reduce tendonitis, and treat rheumatoid arthritis, just to name a few. EMF therapies are still developing, but already those that are available are excellent alternatives to drugs. Working gently with the body, they avoid the side-effects of drugs. While you won’t be using them to bend spoons, you will gain something far more valuable: therapy that works with your body.


Dr. Nemec’s Review
Medicine is finally coming around to what alternative medicine has known for over a century — the body is energetic and responds to energetic frequencies, and these frequencies can be specific for certain imbalances in organs, glands and tissues. Since the body is electromagnetic and the source of electromagnetic generation is from the brain or the heart it makes common sense to make sure these signals are health promoting frequencies and not detrimental. This is why the core of our program is testing. We test brain waves with brain mapping, 3D brain imaging and quantum frequencies analysis. Once the imbalances have been located then we use multiple therapies to normalize or balance the areas. This includes heart-brain entrainment therapy, immune balancing therapy, and cell frequency therapy to name a few. Everything is energy, and that energy can be either beneficial or detrimental. This is why we test and retest to make sure these energies are being balanced and maintained in balance. Every thought produces electromagnetic fields of energy and this is why we are told to think on what is true, pure, and right and to think on that which is love. This begins the healing process when the thoughts produce positive electromagnetic fields.

Here are the ways we can help you in your health journey:

  1. Outpatient Comprehensive Teaching and Treatment Program-has the most benefit of teaching, treatment, live classes and personalized coaching. This program has the most contact with Dr. Nemec with 3- 6 month programs that can be turned into a regular checking and support program for life. This is our core program that has helped so many restore their health and maintain that restoration for years.
  2. Inpatient Comprehensive Teaching and Treatment Program-is our four-week intensive inpatient program for those that are not in driving distance, usually over 4 hour drive. This is the program that is an intensive jumpstart with treatment, teaching, live classes and coaching designed for all our international patients along with those in the US that do not live in Illinois. This program is very effective especially when combined with our new membership program support.
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