When we are lacking confidence, feeling depressed, or dissatisfied with our lot in life, sometimes we turn to inspirational speakers and books to change our perspective. But the inspiration doesn’t always hit the mark. Some include:

  • “Give it all you’ve got.”
  • “When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ the question I ask is, ‘Compared to what?’”
  • “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”
  • “The way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what you start.”
  • “You want to get out of the hole? First you’re going to have to put down the shovel.”
  • ”The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph.”
  • “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

These sayings make you think, but they don’t change your thinking much. Because a saying not personalized, it’s going to convey a slightly differently meaning to each person who hears it. One size doesn’t fit all — add that to this list of inspirational generalizations.

The trouble with communication is that we have to use words to communicate. Words then are received by the listener and filtered through the listener’s personality, belief system perceptions, and attitudes we formed early in life, age 0 to 6. They are then translated from a set of noises into meaning which matches the receiver’s understanding of that meaning. When you are asked, “what is your name,” you respond with the specific vocal emanations you want the person to utter to get your attention. In a crowd of people, if your name is common, those emanations may get the attention of more than just you.

Virtually as soon as you are alive, you start hearing and cataloguing the meaning of words as you learn to speak. You hear words, consider their context, and derive meaning in the process. Your understanding is confirmed if, when you utter the words, you get the expected response. When you hear words that you understand to be hurtful, the message you receive is also catalogued, but now they are personally impacting you. The words and the meanings form something like a complex tapestry in your mind, and that tapestry looks different from that of any other person. You have had joys and sorrows, messages of love and messages that demean you, that are now a part of your unique tapestry.

Uniqueness appears most strongly in the brain, which is constantly being shaped by its environment. Identical twins, because they have different life circumstances, have developed different synapse connections. If you do a specialty brain scan on both twins, you would see differences in each. The scans are unique, like fingerprints, but they are not static: as the person experiences more and thinks differently, the scans show patterns which are consistent with such changes.

In other body scans, we can see changes in tissues that reflect physical environmental impact on the cells there. But only in the brain scans can we see emotional and mental impacts that go beyond the physical. As technology has improved, so has the ability to see how emotions and beliefs are affecting the brain, because the brain is the bridge between the physical and the mental environments.

This would be akin to the human voice: each voice is different, and we can even identify a person by a voiceprint. Yet, that voice can express joy, laughter, sorrow, pain, or anger. The voiceprint has not changed, but the voice emits a recognizable pattern that expresses emotion to others who would emit similar patterns with the same emotions. We see patterns in different brain scans; we are able, with modern technology, to discern patterns of a brain that indicate good or bad mental balance.

How is that helpful? When a scan shows a harmful pattern, we have opportunity to shift that pattern to a better one. That’s possible because the brain is “plastic”; that is, it is able to change its circuitry to change thought patterns. These changes would appear on new brain scans, so we know that they are occurring. This opens the door to therapy, where brain specialty scans show troublesome thought patterns — patterns that impact health — and then tell us if the therapy is changing those patterns for the better.

Companion studies
Two related research studies from Georgia State University show the power of specialty brain scan technology. In the first, published in Biological Psychiatrythe researchers found brain image patterns that consistently predicted specific psychiatric disorders. In a brain imaging dataset of 5,231 individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder, major depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder — compared with a healthy control group — they could detect brain scan patterns that predicted those disorders. These patterns could then be used to detect at-risk individuals before the disorder was manifest. In the second study, published in Nature Mental Healththe researchers took multiple brain scan samples from more than 11,800 children and were able, by comparing earlier scans to later scans, see consistent changes in the scans that correlated to environmental changes of the participants. They could see changes in the brain patterns from influences such as quality of sleep, time spent on phone and computer screens, and parental psychopathology.

Put together, these studies show that brain scans can both predict negative mental states and show the influence of ongoing environment on the mental states, including therapeutic intervention. The scans provide a major advantage over verbal questioning and traditional counseling, because they are reading the impact of the subconscious and conscious thoughts, which comprise 95% of all brain activity. That is like the difference between shining a flashlight beam or a laser beam: the first gives a wide, general view, but the laser pinpoints precisely.

Inspirational talks are, at best, a flashlight. They are targeted to many people; they are far from individualized. Counseling focuses the light somewhat, but have to go through the medium of words to get information, and they don’t reach the subconscious thoughts. Specialty brain scans can see patterns indicating thoughts that you could not possibly even know are there. Ours is the first generation to have such a resource, but only a very few are taking advantage of it.

Thoughts that we have absorbed, especially during our formative years, are a mix of good and bad. Some of them are of love and happiness, but others are darker. Some are from fearful experiences that no parents could avoid for their children. We don’t consciously remember our first years, but those thoughts are recorded deep in our subconscious. What is the counter to the dark thoughts, the thoughts that even now are affecting our health? Truth.

What is the Truth?
We are loved by our Father in heaven, no matter what is said or done to us in this world. We have tremendous worth. Saying and believing all this truth is very inspirational, but if our subconscious thoughts block our conscious thinking minds, these truths can’t penetrate to our deepest part of our being. That’s where they need to reside, in our hearts and in our subconscious minds.

Scanning technology means that we can now know whether health-promoting thoughts are taking hold and replacing negative, subconscious thoughts. Just imagine how scan-based therapy could help you: not just in your mental and emotional health, but your physical health as well, because your brain controls your physical being.


Dr. Nemec’s Review

Wow, this is such a life changer. This research is starting to show what we discovered 40 years ago with our own research. The mind and emotions imprint on the brain, so by imaging the brain you can assess not only the mental-emotional state, but also weaknesses and imbalances mentally, emotionally and physically.

So let us restate what the present research has shown:

The researchers found brain image patterns that consistently predicted specific psychiatric disorders. Including individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder, major depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder — compared with a healthy control group — they could detect brain scan patterns that predicted those disorders. Also they were able, by comparing earlier scans to later scans, see consistent changes in the scans that correlated to environmental changes of the participants. They could see changes in the brain patterns from influences such as quality of sleep, time spent on phone and computer screens, and parental psychopathology.

Let me emphasize: they could predict with accuracy what conditions would
eventually develop mentally, emotionally and physically with what they saw on the scan. This means the scan is a blueprint of their future, and it can be changed with treatment and therapy.

So let us combine their present research with ours at Revolution New Medicine. We now have the means to look into the brain and see mental-emotional patterns that not only lead to mental-emotional imbalance, dysfunction, and disease, but also physical imbalance, dysfunction, and disease. You must understand the brain is not just a place of mind and emotions alone, but also the master control for every organ, gland, tissue, and cell in the body. We tend to forget about this when this is the most major factor in physical health, and never addressed in any symptom, condition, or disease presented for treatment.

We have been telling the world for 40 years that this is the key that unlocks the door to your total health of mind, emotion, and body. As with so many things, we’ve said many years ago because of our research it is now been confirmed by mainstream scientists and researchers.

Going deeper
Now we want to show you how it’s applied in a real life situation. We will give three different examples. A person diagnosed with memory loss, a person diagnosed with depression, and a person diagnosed with cancer.

Memory Loss
A person comes to their family physician with the symptom of significant memory loss and forgetfulness. The physician begins the work up, which consists of conventional brain scanning — either CT or MRI — to rule out physical pathology like tumors or lesions, also to look at the cortex of the brain to see if it has reduced in size or atrophied. A neurological examination and evaluation is done. Laboratory work is also done, including extensive blood testing, genetic testing, along with a thorough history taken.

After all of this testing and analysis, a report is given with a usual recommendation of possible medication (which does not treat the cause). The conventional outlook on memory loss is usually “unknown cause” or “etiology.” The doctor goes on to possibly say that, we’re not sure why this occurs in some people — there can be many factors, including hereditary factors, genetic predispositions, and all we can do right now is take some medication to see if that helps improve the symptoms temporarily, then watch and wait. Essentially, with conventional testing and treatment, everything comes down to physical or genetic.

Memory loss is due to inflammation in the brain damaging neurons in the brain, causing them to die, which would reduce the size of the cortex in the brain because of the reduction in number of neurons. What the conventional system did not address is all the causes of that inflammation. Instead, they give medication to try to reduce the symptoms, but the medication itself has significant side effects on other cells, tissues, glands and organs that it starts to negatively affect.

Inflammation is the cause of all disease
Inflammation is what causes cells to become dysfunctional, not work as a community, die prematurely or to mutate to become abnormal cancer cells. The question we must ask, which is never addressed, is what are all the causes of the inflammation? This list would include autonomic nervous system imbalances, diet, chemicals, toxins and endotoxins, along with pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and funguses — also including hormonal imbalances. But what would top of the list, being the most important inflamer in the body? We will give you a hint: it’s not physical. You guessed it — subconscious and conscious stress stored in the brain. This alone accounts for up to 95% of the inflammation that leads to disease mentally, emotionally and physically. None of this was addressed in the standard work up and treatment for the memory loss.

A person comes to their doctor with the condition of severe depression. The conventional work up can be very similar to the memory loss work up, focusing on extreme detail in the physical realm. The results usually lead to one or two choices: either counseling or depression medication. That medication actually weakens neurotransmitter function in the brain, and this is why a severe side effect of the medication withdrawal has been shown to cause suicide because of the emotional drop.

The conventional treatment for depression is basically using pharmaceuticals that have significant side effects with long-term use. For example, SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.) SSRIs block the reabsorption (reuptake) of serotonin into neurons. This makes more serotonin available to improve transmission of messages between neurons. The problem with this approach is: if the serotonin is not reabsorbed, then it’s a short term gain with a long-term loss. You end up weakening and damaging the neurons, making them totally dependent on the medication. This is why severe symptoms like suicide can follow withdrawal.

What is missing from this work up and treatment? Depression is an effect of a mental pattern of stress which manifests with depression. But they do not look into the brain for mental-emotional information — only physical information to see if there’s any organic disease.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it is purely a physical work up with a physical diagnosis and treatment plan consisting of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy. The only follow up is done with lab testing and scans to see if tumors have shrunk or increased. That’s it — no work up to the mental-emotional cause, no work up to the brain imbalance, no awareness that the major cause of inflammation in the entire body is subconsciously driven from early life programming. Cancer is seen as a physical diagnosis of a physical disease caused by physical factors with a physical treatment plan. Without addressing the mental-emotional cause of inflammation, and thus all disease, how can we ever hope to resolve a major disease process like cancer or heart disease?

So you can see with these examples why we are not at a higher state of health in the world, mentally, emotionally or physically.

What would happen if every doctor, every facility began every work up with the premise that almost all inflammation and disease, mentally, emotionally and physically is driven by early life stressors that are stored in the brain tissue and can be analyzed with specialty brain imaging. This alone would transform the health of the entire world.

This is the work we have been doing at Revolution New Medicine for the last 40 years.

Again restating the importance of this work, and what the latest research is showing: They could predict with accuracy what conditions would eventually develop mentality, emotionally and physically with what they saw on the scan. This means the scan is a blueprint of their future, and it can be changed with treatment and therapy.

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free in your mind, emotions, and body.

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