1.Front Desk/Assistant Manager

The position requires you to be able to type 50+WPM, be very proficient at computer imputing and processing, be able to multitask in a very fast paced environment. You must be very dependable, reliable, extremely energetic and enthusiastic about what you do. We are looking for someone who has worked in a busy office before. You must be very confident in your job skills and be able to jump right in and take control of the office with a small period of intense training. You will be working 4 days per week. Daily duties are running the processing patients, scheduling appointments, processing product orders, handling all questions on phone and in person. Hours are Monday 9am-6pm, Wednesday 9:30am-9:30pm, Thursday 9am-5pm, Saturday 6am-6pm.This is a full time long term position. COVID vaccination not required. Along with emailing your resume, tell us in less than seven sentences: 1) Why you are interested in this position. 2) What unique contributions you can make e.to our offic

2. Handyman to maintain grounds, buildings and inventory

We are looking for a handyman who can work year round maintaining our Institute. We are on 4 acres and have two building. Job duties including watering, weeding, weed whacking, planting in the spring and summer, blowing leaves in the fall and shoveling, salting, in the winter. Garbage is taken to street each week. You will maintain inventory at our warehouse, bring supplies from warehouse to office as needed and when deliveries come in unload them at the warehouse. You must be handy, meaning you can fix anything that breaks or needs repair. You work five days per week having Wednesday and Saturday off. You will work 2-6 hours per day. You will average about 29 hours per week year round. More in the spring and summer and less in the fall and winter. You must be able to lift 100 pounds without difficulty. You must have a car and valid drivers license. This job is ideal for someone who is retired but very physically fit. This is a permanent part time position. Wage range $16,000-21,000.